Logistics, FSR, Global Depot

Rapid response to onsite networking and equipment issues is essential mission support. 

Comtech is a leader of logistics, FSR, and global depot solutions, supporting teams and networks around the world.

Materials Management

Comtech maintains strategically located field offices, around the globe, to cost-effectively manage the in-theater movement of parts and support personnel, inventory control and equipment, storage, and customs clearance.

Comtech’s teams supporting Global Depot Services and Warehousing capabilities have extensive experience in inventory and supply chain management and distribution. 

Comtech manages all items essential to SATCOM, Troposcatter, and other communications systems and networks. 

Our configuration and Change Management process ensures accurate inventory management, tracking, shipping & receiving confirmation, and all client required reporting.

Help Desk

Comtech’s Integrated Logistics teams operate 24x7x365 Help Desk and Operations Support Centers, providing end-to-end capture-to-resolution activities for new service calls, trouble tickets, and other user support needs.

Our highly trained and experienced help desk agents have developed detailed troubleshooting and fault isolation processes for supported SATCOM and communications equipment. Our help desk agents and certified technicians provide global telephonic Tier I-III support.

Service tickets are captured via telephone, e-mail, and secure website portals where users can document issues and request technical assistance electronically, allowing any service action to be captured, managed, and closed in a method most convenient to the customer.

Field Service Representative (FSR) Support Services

Comtech’s professional field service technicians and engineers are highly skilled in the deployment, maintenance, and repair of almost all industry standard, customized, and secure RF, satellite, IP/IT infrastructure, and wireless networks.

On-site service calls include executing in-field testing, such as, transmit/receive antenna patterns, gain, G/T, noise temperature, return loss, insertion loss, axial ratio, modem performance and passive intermodulation testing.

Our FSRs are dispatched to on-site service calls with all appropriate tools, spare parts, service manuals, and testing tools.

Global Repair Depot Services

Comtech offers Global Repair Depot Services providing refurbishment, off-site maintenance, and repair services supporting SATCOM, Troposcatter, and other communications systems and networks.

We have depots operating in all global regions, including our main refurbishment and repair facility in Orlando, Florida.

Comtech’s highly skilled technicians, engineers, testers, and quality control agents ensure that all maintenance, repair, and refurbishment work is performed to specification. These processes are components of an overall quality management process that includes controlled work instructions and corresponding checklists forms, used in each stage of the repair and refurbishment process, to deliver to the highest standards of quality. 

All Repair Depots have the necessary test equipment in-house to perform the required testing from component to terminal level for all supported equipment.

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