Comtech delivers market-leading satellite technology for a new era of digital convergence.

Experience always-on connectivity, universal reach, and optimized distribution with Comtech’s broadcast solutions today.



Comtech enables enterprises’ evolution into the new digital age.

Our enterprise team offers next-gen digital solutions to optimize businesses’ customer experience, organizational structure, and operations. Harness the power of seamless global connectivity today.



Comtech’s market-leading digital infrastructure offers global connectivity solutions for all maritime applications, from cargo to cruise.

Our hybrid network delivers always-on off-shore and in-harbor connectivity, even in the harshest mobility environments.


Military & Defense

Comtech designs, integrates, and deploys customized communications solutions for all-domain military and defense applications.

Comtech’s hybridized communications infrastructure is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of global military and defense outlets.

police car

Public Safety

Comtech is a pioneer in public safety solutions, with a multi-decade legacy of revolutionizing emergency communications.

Learn how our suite of next-gen communications technology is enabling innovation in mission-critical public safety services.

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Comtech supports Mobile Network Operators with world-class location and messaging solutions.

Partner with us to transform your business in a new era of global network convergence.

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