Gestione delle chiamate Solacom

Tutto ciò che serve per gestire qualsiasi chiamata di emergenza in qualsiasi formato in un'unica soluzione multimediale flessibile, dalla tecnologia di controllo delle chiamate all'interfaccia utente sul desktop.

Gestione delle chiamate integrata e flessibile

Solacom Call Handling è la soluzione multimediale più flessibile per la gestione delle chiamate di emergenza per i centri di risposta di pubblica sicurezza (PSAP). 

Il sistema semplifica la gestione e l'elaborazione delle chiamate al 9-1-1, consente la raccolta in tempo reale di informazioni critiche di tipo vocale, testuale, dati e video e migliora la fornitura di dati ricchi di informazioni sulla situazione.

Gestire qualsiasi chiamata o media

Comtech Solacom’s NG9-1-1 Call Handling solution is designed to provide all of the functionality needed to manage 9-1-1 calls in any format and to collect and deliver rich, situational awareness information from any source — today and tomorrow:

  • Next-generation voice
  • Text-to-911
  • Text-from-911
  • Real-time texting
  • 3D location mapping
  • Image-enriched messaging
  • Video-enhanced data

Gestione delle chiamate completa e personalizzabile

At the desktop, the user-centric, customizable next-generation 9-1-1 Call Handling solution is optimized for call takers based on human-centered design (HCD) principles for comfortable ergonomics, intuitive usability, and efficient call processing. The modular screen layout provides the highest level of flexibility to fit the unique and individual workflow of each call taker with:

  • Customized icons and buttons
  • Buttons sized for touch-screen operation
  • Mute, privacy, and hold buttons
  • Intelligent transfer buttons that allow call takers to select the type of outgoing call based on the type of incoming call
  • Buttons sized for call takers with visual disabilities
  • Text-to-911 capabilities that allow call takers to initiate text conversations
  • Multimedia interfaces for non-voice communications, including text messages, instant messaging, and telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD/TTY)

Customized Call Management & Control

Behind the desktop, Comtech Solacom’s 9-1-1 Call Handling solution leverages the full power of our innovative call control system. This full-featured, customizable system is built on open standards. It provides a simple, evolutionary path to next-generation emergency call management requirements and enables future enhancements without replacing the underlying infrastructure.

To ensure a perfect fit, we work with you to configure the system to meet your PSAP’s unique needs with a variety of features, including: 

  • Gestione delle chiamate di emergenza Voice over IP (VoIP) e gestione delle chiamate di emergenza
  • Testo integrato al 911 e testo dal 911
  • Conferenze di alta qualità praticamente illimitate
  • Gestione delle chiamate basata su mappe
  • Notifica di emergenza

Sfruttare le nuove tecnologie

Solacom sfrutta i più recenti standard, protocolli e tecnologie di comunicazione vocale, testuale, dati e video ed è conforme a tutti gli standard normativi.

Unlike other offerings that have been modified for next-generation applications, Comtech Solacom’s 9-1-1 Call Handling solution is specifically engineered for legacy and IP-based emergency call management and control and for converging traditional voice and data into a single communications workflow.

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