Empowering New Markets with a New Level of Connectivity

GlobalSat Mexico taps Comtech’s next-gen VSAT to expand across Latin America

GlobalSat Mexico is an innovative satellite services provider that has connected businesses, schools, and entire communities across Mexico for more than 25 years. The company has plans to grow and meet the insatiable demand for connectivity by supporting more applications and expanding into new markets throughout Latin America.

To meet the challenge, the Mexico City-based satellite services firm has completed the installation of Comtech’s new next-generation VSAT network hub at its operations center in the border city of Tijuana. The smart satellite-based ground systems from Comtech, which have successfully exceeded performance goals during onsite trials, will replace the legacy systems and enable GlobalSat Mexico to provide and support a wide range of big and small bandwidth applications over a single platform.

Opening the Door to New Opportunities and Growth

With the revolutionary hub in place, Comtech and GlobalSat Mexico are installing hundreds of VSAT terminals as part of the deployment phase. The ground system will be set up to initially enable ATM transactions and services at bank branches throughout Mexico.

GlobalSat Mexico also plans to leverage the modular VSAT solution to quickly expand to thousands of sites to connect enterprise network applications, maritime vessels, as well as oil and gas drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico over the next year or two.

Ultimately, the satellite services provider plans to offer cellular backhaul over the Comtech next-gen VSAT network. The platform’s flexibility and scalability to support such a broad range of applications and markets is unprecedented. Typically, such a deployment would require separate networks. Comtech’s revolutionary solution, however, features a new D-RAM (Dynamic Return Access Modes) protocol for seamless switching between H-DNA and MF-TDMA waveforms that opens the door to new opportunities.

ATM transactions, for example, require relatively low bandwidth, while maritime broadband and trunking services delivered over cellular backhaul are much higher throughput applications. GlobalSat Mexico will deliver all of these services over a single Comtech next-gen VSAT system, an all-inclusive, intelligent software-defined platform capable of supporting networks of any size across any GEO, MEO or LEO satellite orbit.

While the network implementation is in an early stage, the GlobalSat Mexico team likes the versatility it’s already gleaning from the Comtech technology and the global team behind it. Proof in the field has earned strong confidence in the platform and accelerated plans for regionwide deployments.

“The difference is in the diversity of the Comtech next-gen VSAT system, which allows us to penetrate far more than the satellite market,” explained Eric Cataño, GlobalSat Mexico CEO. “We didn’t just exchange VSAT networks, we upgraded to a whole new level of capabilities. We now have the capacity to deliver traditional satellite services and the ability to leverage Comtech’s strengths in the terrestrial market. That combination enables GlobalSat Mexico to replicate our current services and expand into new applications across the Latin American region seamlessly and affordably.”

GlobalSat Mexico is eyeing the emergency services market, which is currently operated state-by-state, making for a disparate siloed approach. The provider plans to lean on Comtech’s breakthrough next-gen 911 know-how and technology leadership to bring cutting-edge capabilities to Mexico and beyond, greatly enhancing current emergency services via its newfound VSAT network.

Delivering the Difference

The key differentiator can be found in the flexibility of the new network. The ability to mesh capabilities over one platform powered by one intelligent hub has GlobalSat Mexico well positioned to collaborate with Comtech and orchestrate a layered network to support everything from ATMs to mining.

The open platform allows existing infrastructure to work alongside newly deployed and smarter terminals, while legacy components are switched out over time. What further sets Comtech’s breakthrough VSAT solution apart is its versatility. It doesn’t have just one or two sweet spots, but multiple niches where it excels equally – in banking, maritime, cellular network expansion, or mining, among a growing host of use cases and markets.

The ability to scale from very small networks to very large networks provides a future-proof platform that will allow GlobalSat Mexico to grow and expand, as Comtech’s next-gen VSAT can support more than 500,000 remote sites.

Comtech’s intelligent ground network deployment with GlobalSat Mexico is a great example of a real-life case study in performance, innovation, and price, unleashing new opportunities and growth.

GlobalSat Mexico made the choice to replace a longstanding network and provider with Comtech’s next-gen VSAT solution, CEO Cataño noted. “We are leveraging our new platform to empower new markets with an unprecedented level of versatile connectivity throughout Mexico and the Latin American region.

Forward-Looking Statements
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