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Accelerated Growth and Scalability.

Elevate Your VSAT Performance. Join the Revolution.

Comtech ELEVATE is a scalable, reliable, software-defined solution, a first-of-its-kind leading-edge architecture featuring D-RAM (Dynamic Return Access Modes) that allows dynamic seamless shifting between MF-TDMA and H-DNA waveforms.

Software-defined technology allows the creation of private VSAT Networks of any size and topology with unlimited potential for future development.

  • Expand – Software-defined network that can support over 500,000 remote sites per service area (hub outbound carrier)
  • Fastest User Data Response – 30ms bandwidth allocation algorithm, 0.1ms minimum allocation duration
  • NMS (M&C) Scale – Supports > 500,000 remote VSAT terminals per NMS install
  • Highest Outbound in Industry – Each services area can support ~2.5Gbps outbound
  • Lowest Power Consumption in Industry – Typically, <12W per remote VSAT
  • NMS APIs – Offers multiple northbound APIs to support manager of managers OSS/BSS orchestration
  • Highest Return Speed in Industry – Remote VSAT terminals can scale from a 2kbps to over 200Mbps using a single hardware platform
  • Fastest Processing in Industry – Remote VSAT terminals support up to 200,000 packets per second
  • Software-Defined Redundancy Options – Hub Element Redundancy from 1:1 to 1:250, Remote Redundancy, Geographic Redundancy
  • Automatic and Dynamic Selection of Return Waveform – D-RAM simultaneously supporting MF-TDMA and H-DNA


The new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellations have become a key trend in the satellite industry. NGSO constellations open new opportunities for potential users, including high data throughput, low latency, and the ability to serve areas that previously had no satellite coverage.


For over 20 years, we have been the premier supplier of bandwidth-efficient satellite modems, VSAT networking solutions to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Our award-winning and globally adopted solutions provide leading innovations that MNOs depend on to drive down the total cost of ownership and improve end-user QoE.


We understand that the quality of our customers’ mobility systems is critical to their success whether in the maritime, aeronautical, or other mobile environments. Comtech’s connectivity solutions continue to anchor the world’s most demanding mobility networks – providing superior performance and reliability in the most challenging environments.


Operators are leveraging our success in providing best-in-class solutions for our targeted vertical markets and are investing in Operator-owned infrastructure to extend their product offerings and address rapidly evolving customer demands. The key differentiating characteristics of our QoE, efficiency, speed, and throughput are highly valued by Operators looking to maximize their return on investment in current and next-generation satellite constellations.


Our solutions facilitate the delivery of differentiated premium grade services, offering the highest possible Quality of Experience (QoE) to end-users. Our infrastructure solutions provide an unparalleled combination of robust performance teamed with the highest throughput capabilities in a single platform. “Comtech’s unique Universal Hardware Platform VSAT technology allows enterprises to build communication services that are completely private and secure with an option to limit the connectivity to the Internet. A satellite based solution also provide fast reliable 2-way communication for voice and data services and is low cost and quick to deploy.”


The Comtech ELEVATE Satellite Routers are designed as a universal VSAT platform that may help Media companies with efficient contribution and distribution of their content. A modern DSNG station can be installed on the van or deployed as a compact man-pack solution, capable of deployment anywhere in the civilized world. Signals are beamed from the correspondent via a geostationary satellite to a broadcast station or network. The Elevate satellite routes provide advanced two-way IP communications and will support various modes of operations.


Core Domain Markets

Leverage the Power and Intelligence of Comtech ELEVATE in your Key Markets

Seamlessly Integrate Hybrid and Multi-Layered Satellite Bandwidth.

Comtech ELEVATE is a proven solution that would empower seamless integration of hybrid multi-provider and multi-layered satellite bandwidth resources.

It is powered through an ultra-intelligent VSAT platform that can fast-track your transformation. By using virtualization, cloud computing, and Software-Defined architecture, you can accomplish your mission.

Maximize Bandwith Faster with Maximum Operational Efficiency

Comtech ELEVATE addresses the real need for an intelligent VSAT solution capable of serving multiple applications, from low to high-performance gigabit networks driving an array of bandwidth-hungry applications from cellular backhaul to mobile assets over a single VSAT platform.

Moreover, Comtech ELEVATE provides more power, speed, agility, and efficiencies to meet a new level of requirements to meet the highest QoE with market-leading affordability, footprint, and lower power consumption.

Comtech’s Satellite Technology plays a key role in supporting very large IoT/M2M and SCADA distributed networks.

Our Satellite Networks play a critical function in connectivity for remote sensing in difficult to reach areas, for oil and gas pipelines, SmartGrids, and environmental monitoring. Comtech ELEVATE technology has the powerful ability to deploy, in a very bandwidth efficient way, VSAT Networks that can reach up to 500,000 remotes. A key feature of these VSAT remote terminals is their capability to handle low data rates, as typical in IoT or SCADA Networks. The ability to have multiple VSAT Hubs interconnected, and have full mesh capability, allow these IoT / M2M and SCADA networks to have inherently built-in redundancy and very high reliability. Comtech ELEVATE VSAT satellite services provide reliable connectivity with a high level of security everywhere. These networks have the advantage of being fully independent from terrestrial networks and additionally, and are protected via Comtech ELEVATE secure, encrypted IoT/SCADA technology.

Are you ready to elevate your VSAT performance?

Enjoy higher processing density
Scale complex Hubs as-you-go to scale from the smallest to largest networks
Command your Hubs through unique Software-Defined and modular architecture

Smarter For Multiple Bandwidth Applications
Comtech ELEVATE deploys and manages a single platform to support small bandwidth applications. From IoT applications in connected agriculture to ATM banking networks, while concurrently allowing more megabit-hungry services, like cellular backhaul, gaming, and video, using the same solution.

Optimize Your QoE and Delight Your Customers
Comtech ELEVATE provides more power, speed, agility, and efficiencies to meet a new level of requirements to meet the highest QoE with market-leading affordability, footprint, and low power consumption.

Works Anywhere: Maritime, Aerospace, Land
Comtech ELEVATE meets the changing communications demands through a single intelligent, modular platform capable that supports both small and big networks across any orbit. Best of all, it integrates multi-orbit, multi-band, multi-operator, And Multi-provider connectivity for Maritime, Aerospace, and Land mobility platforms.

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