Comtech Strengthens T&W Business with Two New Appointments: Tom Guthrie as Chief Operating Officer and John Whitehead as General Manager of the Safety & Security Technologies Unit

At the core of Comtech’s T&W Business are the solutions needed to modernize public safety and service provider communications infrastructure, which currently relies on systems and technologies that did not anticipate the remarkable transformation of how information is now originated, routed, and responded to. With the explosion of IoT devices, multimedia and even automation, the way people and things connect has expanded significantly, introducing a broader landscape of not only the number and kind of devices that communicate (which now includes multiple touch points beyond cell phones – such as cars, watches and home alarm systems), but also how they communicate: integrating images, video, location tracking and more to bring a new layer of precision. And this level of precision lies at the heart of the idea of failsafe communication: accurate information is never more critical than when managing an emergency response.

Comtech recognizes this fast-evolving landscape is creating new and growing demand for next-generation public safety architecture as more states, and even countries, prioritize upgrades to their existing systems to accommodate changing communication requirements. Comtech has already emerged as a leader in this space, providing proven call and text location, routing and handling, with a long-established history as a credible and trusted partner. However, a key advantage Comtech has is agility, which many other vendors don’t possess: Our solutions rest on an interoperable platform that can easily grow into and absorb new capabilities, providing the end-to-end solutions service providers truly need.

In plain terms, given the number of complex elements that need to come together for emergency communications to work, our clients must solve what is essentially an infrastructure puzzle. And, while some market participants may have one piece of that puzzle, or even several, there are very few solutions providers who can claim to have not only all the pieces, but the top of the box: a clear view of how it all fits together. At Comtech, we have the pieces, we have the box top, and we have a team in place that’s built this puzzle before.

Unlocking this value means having the right leaders, with the right expertise, in place. Most recently, we appointed Jeff Robertson as the President of T&W, a 30-year industry veteran with the experience and vision to grow the business into the future. Following this exciting hire, we’re also thrilled to share two more additions to Jeff’s leadership team: Tom Guthrie, who will serve as the Chief Operating Officer, and John Whitehead, who will be General Manager of the Safety & Security Technologies (SST) unit. Both will be instrumental in accelerating growth into this expanding market opportunity by strengthening operations in T&W’s three segments, expanding T&W’s offerings, closing key deals and moving their organizations to be as close to our customers as possible. 

Tom Guthrie, Comtech’s new Chief Operating Officer.

Tom Guthrie joins Comtech as a seasoned public safety and service provider communications professional, having operated in both that space and broadband communications for 35 years – inclusive of multiple executive positions. His clear understanding of both the needs of the emergency response market and the underlying technologies that support those endeavors makes Tom an ideal choice to help oversee Comtech’s T&W business.

Previously, Tom acted as CEO of Commnet Broadband, an operator serving the Southwest US with fiber, fixed wireless, and mobile wireless communications services, and as General Manager of Public Safety at RapidSOS, managing key partner relationships with Apple, Google, and a portfolio of Call Handling and CAD vendors, as well as building the support organization for PSAPs. Tom also served as CEO of Twisted Pair Solutions in Seattle where he raised capital before ultimately selling the company to Motorola Solutions. As we look to further expand into the public safety sector, Tom’s experience successfully managing growth cycles and transitional phases, including acquisitions, will be crucial to steering the business into position for optimal return.

John also has an impressive public safety background – serving over 30 years in the industry. Most recently, he was Chief Revenue Officer at Utility Inc., which provides a platform that captures and manages video evidence for law enforcement, first responders and more front-line workers, growing the SaaS startup into one of the most major players in the body camera market. Before that, he spent 20 years at Hexagon (formerly Intergraph) heading up their sales efforts across North America, and eight years as an Operations Manager for Jefferson County 911 in Missouri. An avid public safety advocate, John has served as a volunteer firefighter and currently serves on the board of directors for Jefferson County 911 where he previously worked.

John Whitehead, the new General Manager of the Safety & Security Technologies (SST) unit.

Both Tom and John bring a great blend of experience, deeply-versed not only in the nuances of public safety and the current shifts in the industry, but the ability to identify new avenues for a business to find growth and success. The changes in the public safety market, as more entities migrate to next-generation emergency response, create a real opportunity for Comtech to capture share, and we expect Tom and John will be critical in those efforts.  

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