Cyber Security Assessments

The Comtech Skills Assessment is a virtual computer skills assessment designed to accurately evaluate an organization’s cyber security workforce. A valuable tool for companies, recruiters and professionals alike, the Comtech Skills Assessment is mapped to the NIST-NICE framework and uses practical, hands-on scenarios to evaluate one’s mastery of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Taking a holistic approach to cyber security, Comtech’s comprehensive recommendation begins with our powerful cyber security assessment that looks beyond knowledge-based certifications to provide an accurate evaluation of on-the-job performance. The Comtech Skills Assessment tracks activities on virtual computer systems, resulting in an accurate evaluation of performance and decision-making skills.

  • Analytically quantifies competency in job related tasks
  • Aligns to industry standard work role definitions
  • Provides immediate feedback to individuals and managers
  • Saves time and money by identifying skills gaps and recommending improvement opportunities

How it Works

CYBRScore Skills Assessments use our patented PerformanScore technology and consists of three main parts:

  • Virtual Network Environment: Challenge based tasks are presented to the candidate in a live virtual network environment
  • PerformanScore Server: Monitors student actions in real-time and determines when challenge objectives have been satisfied
  • Analytics and Reporting Tool: Detail reports provide fine-grain results on candidate achievement. Analytics can also be communicated out to external systems using a WebAPI interface


Today’s cyber security proficiency is measured using knowledge-based certification exams.
But how does one measure actual ability?

There is an immediate need to close the skills gap in the cyber security field as quickly and efficiently as possible. Traditional multiple choice, knowledge-based examinations and certifications have developed a first phase of measurement, but today’s workforce requires measurements in hands-on skills. In the cyber security realm, performance and results matter most. Students become more proficient and provide better results through performance-based learning and demonstration. When measuring cyber security aptitude, evaluating candidates based solely on their knowledge of cyber theory yields an incomplete picture.


PerformanScore® is a performance-based scoring platform that uniquely and adaptively measures skills across a range of credible responses to a defined set of tasks, allowing for a consistent and immediate evaluation. More than an emulated testing environment, PerformanScore tracks commands, file changes, configuration changes, and network changes on live systems in real time. Furthermore PerformanScore assesses a user’s actions against grading criteria via an adaptive scoring rubric. PerformanScore maps key knowledge, skills, and abilities into a set of gradable tasks based on a scenario that runs within a virtual environment. The rubric evaluates the user’s approach and proficiency within the environment. With PerformanScore®, learning institutions and certification bodies can evaluate a student’s actual performance and decision-making skills in a live environment, using industry-standard cyber security tools against real-world technical challenges. PerformanScore gets results.


Adherence to specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) is vital in the cyber security realm. PerformanScore captures and scores a student’s actual approach to complete any task. This fine-grain task scoring provides detailed insight into the student’s operating skill level. PerformanScore can ascertain if a student is on the right track or vastly underperforming against approved TTPs. PerformanScore is introduced easily and rapidly into any virtual lab, challenge, or examination environment. Once the examination or lab exercise is PerformanScore enabled, an initial rubric is created by running through the exam and evaluating the scoring. PerformanScore identifies specific deficiencies in skill level that go undetected with typical training programs, helping to avoid costly errors in an operational environment.

Other benefits include:

  • Tests objectively, not subjectively
  • Provides clear results
  • Can be used with Hyper-V, VMware, or other virtual environments
  • Allows for flexible licensing
  • Permits local or cloud-based scoring
  • Prevents cheating


  • PerformanScore asks users to validate the skills they have learned in a real-world environment with real-world tools. This provides an assessment that the students cannot cram for, solutions they cannot guess at and an examination where they do not get credit for an action they did not complete. PerformanScore provides a true assessment of students’ skills and abilities, allowing companies to know they can rely on their performance on the job.


PerformanScore consists of three main parts: (1) the scoring server, (2) clients, and (3) plugins. The client and plugins are installed on the machines or virtual machines that are part of the instructor/developer environment. As a student works to complete each tasks, the plugins collect information from the machines and forward it to the client. Periodically, the client pulls the data from a local database and sends the information to the scoring server. The scoring server checks the data against the rules created by the instructor/developer. If the data matches a rule, the student accumulates a score for the associated task.

  • PerformanScore captures any changes to firewalls, software, hardware, registries, files, commands issued, and responses as seen by the student. The platform scores students’ changes to network infrastructure and posture, their use of software tools to lock down or infiltrate a network, and the actions they take to secure or exploit a network. In addition, PerformanScore replays students’ actions in a compressed timeline as part of an after-action report.
  • PerformanScore was designed by industry-certified cyber security experts who specialize in student evaluation and instructional systems design. PerformanScore becomes a powerful and scalable tool when paired with a virtualization solution, giving evaluators the ability to access results and manage rubrics in one place.