Smart Response®

Our in-cloud geospatial solution with real-time, contextual, and actionable situational awareness for PSAPs and first responders.

Common Operational Picture

SmartResponse® is a cloud-based Common
Operational Picture (COP) designed for emergency


SmartResponse® is designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s ECCs, empowering staff with accurate information resulting in improved response times and performance. The solution leverages multiple components that can be configured to address specific needs. Each component can be used individually or as a powerful solution together.

SmartResponse® Situational Awareness Portal

  • Customizable views and map styles
  • GIS data agnostic: ESRI, Mapbox, Open Street Maps, and others
  • Real-time incident views, analytics, and heat mapping
  • Intuitive geospatial interface
  • Live traffic, routing, weather, DOT cameras, and more
  • Criminal history, residence information, AEDs

SmartResponse® Maps

  • Supports configurable views such as day, night, or satellite
  • Customize content unique to operational needs

SmartResponse® Maps Portal

  • Account provisioning
  • Full control of access and content
  • Ability to update independently

Why Comtech?

At Comtech, we’re building the future of hybridized connectivity, with technology that integrates terrestrial & satellite communications networks.

smartResponse® provides real-time situational awareness And helps improve incident response through enhanced information sharing and data transfer.

  • Cloud-native architecture and deployment
  • Real-time situational awareness across all levels of incident management and across jurisdictions
  • Accurate and timely information concerning equipment distribution, location of personnel, on-site intelligence, and incident mapping when responding to and managing an incident
  • Ability to collate information from multiple sources in real- time to present actionable insights
  • Flexible integration interfaces with most call handling or CAD systems
  • Rapid and efficient response with easy access to visualize relevant information and make informed decisions accordingly

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