Satellite VSAT Technologies

Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) transmit and receive satellite transmissions. VSAT networks have gained popularity due to their unlimited geographic research, efficient transmission, and data reception capabilities. 

A satellite network consists of two or more earth stations (VSAT) and satellite re-transmitter (Transponder). 

Satellite VSAT Technologies

VSAT Network Capabilities

Comtech’s VSAT networks comprise all network elements: hubs, terminals, and management systems. 

Comtech’s routers allow deploying satellite networks of any topology, including point-to-point, “star”, “mesh” or complex hierarchy. 

Comtech’s VSAT Networks ensure highly-efficient utilization of satellite bandwidth, scalable and flexible VSAT with industry-best cost of ownership.

VSAT Platforms

Different services require different technologies. Comtech’s VSAT platforms include:

Comtech Elevate

Comtech ELEVATE is a scalable, reliable, software-defined solution.

It’s a first-of-its-kind, leading-edge architecture featuring D-RAM (Dynamic Return Access Modes) that allows dynamic seamless shifting between MF-TDMA and H-DNA waveforms.


The Heights® Networking Platform is engineered to elevate your services with unparalleled horsepower, efficiency and intelligence. 

It combines our most efficient waveforms, Heights Dynamic Network Access (H-DNA), header and payload compression engines, WAN & GTP optimization, multi-tier Quality of Service (QoS), proven dynamic bandwidth and power management along with bi-directional Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM) capability.


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