Location Data Platform

Accurately determining the caller’s location and managing location data are the cornerstones of 9‑1‑1 in legacy, transitional, and end-state NG9‑1‑1

Location Data Platform

Comtech emergency call solutions bridge the divide between legacy location identification functionality and next-generation data tracking and management. 

Ensure 9-1-1 Location Data Integrity

Our platform combines a legacy ALI product offering full Automatic Location Identification (ALI) functionality for 9‑1‑1 systems with complete access and management of ALI information via a comprehensive ALI Database Management Service (DBMS).

Product Details

Our platform provides the NENA i3 transitional Location Database (LDB), ensuring your location data needs will be met now and through the transition to the i3 end state of NG9‑1‑1. 

The Comtech LDB provides functionality supporting both legacy National Emergency Number Association (NENA) 04‑001 queries and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests and responses.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Our platform combines complete legacy ALI replacement with LDB transitional capabilities. 

This combination supports the jurisdiction’s evolution from legacy 9‑1‑1 to the end-state NG9‑1‑1 platforms Location Validation Function (LVF), Location Information Server (LIS), and Additional Data Repository (ADR).

Industry Compliance

The Comtech Location Data Platform solution complies with the NENA 02‑010, 02‑011, 02‑015, 04‑001, 71‑501 and 05‑001 (J‑STD‑036 E2) standards.

Features & Benefits

key featuresbenefits
Legacy SupportSupport the replacement of and interaction with the legacy ALI data and processes.
Transitional FunctionalityProvides the LDB element for transition of data and business processes from legacy 9-1-1 to NG9-1-1.
Professional SupportBacked by Comtech’s proven expertise in ALI/MSAG data integrity management.
Geographic RedundancyDeployed with geographic diversity and redundancy, maintaining required availability. 

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