Awareness & Training

Build a strong security culture and empower your employees to become the first line of defense.

Awareness & Training

Awareness: Bolster Your Digital Defense

In the face of ever-evolving threats, a cutting-edge approach is critical.

Comtech delivers contemporary, engaging, and reliable cybersecurity training to:

  • Protect your company, clients, and workforce. Our holistic solution will help you efficiently reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches.
  • Influence your workforce’s cybersecurity practices. Harnessing the power of microlearning, we equip employees with the skills to fend off digital threats.
  • Stay vigilant throughout the year. We ensure your cybersecurity knowledge remains current with the latest threat landscape.

Classroom Training

Our Cyber Services Group is a premier cybersecurity training organization, supporting Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community clients with classroom training certified by the American Council on Education. 

Our team of former National Intelligence Community members recognize the important role hands-on, practical cybersecurity training plays in nurturing the abilities required to meet our evolving threat landscape.

Military, intelligence, and business operations in the DoD use our cyberspace capabilities to support operations across both physical domains and cyberspace. 

For over 11 years, Comtech’s training processes have prepared clients for all mission requirements. 

Hands-On Cyber Training

Ready-Made Training Programs

We’ve prepared training programs to cover different industries and different situations. 

Choose from courses specifically designed for new hires, phishing and password security, remote work, and specialized sectors like finance, insurance, and healthcare, among others.

Available in Multiple Languages

Cyber Stronger content and learning platform is already available in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Swedish and Norwegian. More languages coming soon.

All our videos can easily be translated into any language.

Compliance Qualified

Whether it’s GDPR, ISO27001, PCI-DSS or other standards, our security awareness training is fully compliant. 

In case you have questions on how to get compliant, our security experts can assist you.

Cyber Awareness

Our 350+ labs and customizable training courses let you efficiently elevate your employees’ cybersecurity competency with integrated analytics.

Our hands-on, performance-based evaluation tools and real-world lab environments enable you to identify learning gaps and develop skills, keeping your teams ahead of the curve.

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