Redundancy Systems and Controllers

Customers require high power and high availability. Xicom offers many redundancy systems to maximize network performance. Our engineering team is ready to help design and build the system that is right for your application. All systems feature ethernet-based redundancy control via a touchscreen user interface.

Standard products are available for indoor and outdoor amplifiers. Our two amp solutions include: 1:1, 1+1 hybrid, 1+1 switch-around and 1+1 VPC, and variable phase combined configurations. For more than 2 amplifiers we offer 1:2, 1:2 hybrid combined, 4 amp with VPC combining and 4 amp continuous power solutions. Many custom solutions are also available.

Redundancy Systems

Outdoor redundancy systems provide power combining and protection for critical traffic.


Xicom products are designed for practical operation. All are available with a local controller and a web-based GUI. We interface with all NMS systems via ethernet.

satcom Redundancy Systems

The array of redundancy systems available from Comtech Xicom Technology has grown with new customer requirements and the introduction of new redundancy control approaches. Xicom redundancy systems can be configured for both rack-mount and antenna-mount operation.

For amplifier redundancy switching, the redundancy function can be located in the amplifiers or a separate controller. Amplifiers can accommodate simple systems while separate controllers are required for more complex systems. Irrespective of where the redundancy or switching decision is made, the decision is dependent on the status of the amplifiers.

All Xicom systems rely on summary fault signals via hardware for amplifier status, i.e. summary fault relay contacts, as it provides the most robust and quickest way to do the automatic switching. Additional amplifier monitor and control is communicated between amplifiers, and controllers if required, via serial or Ethernet communications.

Single Thread Systems

Comtech offers a variety of single thread systems including:

  • Single thread with load switch
  • Single thread with polarity switch
  • Single thread with load and polarity switches

1:1 Redundancy Systems

Comtech offers a variety of single thread systems including:

  • Basic 1:1 System
  • 1:1 System with Ganged Input Switch
  • 1:1 System with Independent Input Switch
  • 1:1 System with dual Pol Output and 2 HPA Load Switches
  • 1:1 System with Load and Pol Switch
  • 1:1 System with dual Pol Output and Load Switches

1+1 Power Combining Systems

Comtech offers a variety of two amplifier power combining systems including:

  • 1+1 Hybrid System
  • 1+1 Hybrid System with Load Switch
  • 1+1 Hybrid System with Pol Switch
  • 1+1 Hybrid System with HPA and Output Load Switches (“Magic-T” system)
  • 1+1 Hybrid Switch-around System
  • 1+1 VPC System

1:2 Redundancy Systems

Comtech offers a variety of 1:2 redundancy systems including:

  • Standard 1:2 System
  • 1:2 System with Hybrid
  • 1:2 System with Load Switches
  • 1:2 System with Active Standby
  • 1:2 System with Active Standby (Balanced for Ka-Band)
  • 1:2 System with Active Standby and Load Switches

1:N Systems

Comtech offers a variety of advanced systems including:

  • Basic 1:3 System
  • Basic 1:4 System

Continuous Power Systems

Comtech has developed a line of indoor and outdoor soft-fail continuous power systems. These are available for TWTAs and SSPAs:

  • 4 way continuous power system
  • 8 way continuous power system
  • Custom systems

Controllers for TWTAs, SSPAs & KPAs

Comtech Xicom amplifiers are complemented by a full suite of control system solutions. Controllers are available in 1RU configurations for basic systems in tight places and in 3RU touchscreen user interface for complex amplifier and switching configurations. Custom solutions can be implemented in the controller software.

Touchscreen Controllers
Comtech’s new generation of XTCT rack-mount controllers provide an easy to use, intuitive touch screen interface for monitoring and controlling outdoor amplifiers (ODUs). The new touch screen front panel displays the HPA’s operational status, including power output and temperature, graphical displays of parameter trend analysis, and event logs. Local and remote diagnostics can also be easily performed via an Ethernet interface.

This new display eliminates the need for a separate external controller to control multiple HPAs for common architectures (TWTAs or SSPAs). All operational data is saved within the amplifier’s non-volatile memory, providing a complete history of the HPA in the event that the unit needs service or repair.

The XTCT controller is housed in a 3RU, 19-inch rack unit and can be configured for controlling a single amplifier or multiple amplifiers in a 1:N redundancy system. The use of Ethernet technology means that additional HPAs and switches can be controlled to meet individual customer’s requirements.

Local and remote diagnostics can also be easily performed via an Ethernet interface. This new display eliminates the need for separate external controllers for common architectures because it can show and control waveguide switches and a combiner, providing both cost and space savings.


  • Compact, self-contained design
  • Intuitive set-up, control and monitoring
  • System configuration and control
  • HPA performance data and event Logging
  • Remote diagnostics


  • Single/Multiple Amplifier Remote Operation
  • 1:N Redundancy
  • Load Switching
  • Phased/Frequency Combined Systems
  • Uplink Power Control

XTC-114E for EF Data and Xicom Amplifiers/BUC

The XTD-114E can control up to 2 switches, so it is ideal for most 1:1 and 1+1 system configurations. It is targeted at low power BUCs which do not have space for an RS-485 interface and may lack built-in redundancy control. It is ideal for small size and low-cost installations with 1 RU height and only 10” depth. It includes redundant AC power supplies and supports a Web browser interface via an ethernet connection.


  • Full Amplifier Status and Control
  • Remote/Local Control via Serial Ethernet Interface (depending on model)
  • Two Serial Interface Ports: RS-232 and RS-485 in Digital Controller
  • Front Panel Digital Display
  • Compact Design Unit
XTCT-124DUNLIMITEDAny Comtech Amp w/ethernetTouch Screen3RU6.7Download Data Sheet
XTC-114DSingle, 1:1 and 1+1Any Comtech Amp4 line1RU6.7Download Data Sheet
XTC-114ESingle, 1:1, 1+1w/load switchAll Comtech digital amps/BUCs, CEFD amps/BUCs4 line1RU6.7Download Data Sheet
XTD-115ESingle, 1:1, 1+1w/load switchAny Comtech Amp4 line1RU6.7Download Data Sheet
XTD-116ESingle, 1:1, 1+1w/polarity switchAny Comtech Amp4 line1RU6.7Download Data Sheet