Indian Motorcycle Upgrades with Premium Navigation from Comtech

Comtech Location Technologies has teamed up with Indian Motorcycle to build a motorcycle-specific navigation platform for its Ride Command System. Customized specifically to enhance the Indian Motorcycle experience, the built-in navigation platform provides riders with continuous connectivity. In addition to turn-by-turn directions, riders gain real-time access to special routing options for locating the shortest, fastest and most scenic routes. This includes waypoint routing that enhances the rider’s overall navigation experience by adding up to 100 stops, or special points-of-interest, to create one seamless route, as well as real-time traffic and weather overlays, so riders can plan their ride to avoid traffic and poor weather conditions. Doppler weather radar information is a patented design and unique to only Comtech. These unique navigation features are coupled with the ability to have maps available onboard and offboard, as riders ride through areas where cellular connectivity is limited.

“Motorcycle riders today rely heavily on alternative GPS options, such as smart phone apps, therefore it was important to not only build a reliable and accurate navigation system that withstands the vibration of the motorcycle and a broad range of conditions, but one that delivers a unique and connected rider experience,” said John Callahan, Vice President, Engineering for Indian Motorcycle. “Comtech provided us with a best-in-class navigation engine for developing specialized routing, maps and search capabilities, while also providing the flexibility to deliver more custom features than other legacy mapping and navigation providers.”

Utilizing its Location Studio platform, Comtech provided secure and feature rich navigation and mapping leveraging an open ecosystem capable of supporting the required flexibility needed to customize Ride Command and meet the standards set by Indian Motorcycle. In addition to specialized routing, Ride Command includes an intuitive search system and can support geographical data from multiple countries and 11 different language capabilities with a plan to expand in the future.

“It was a pleasure to work with the Indian Motorcycle team to define their unique requirements and apply them to our platform that is differentiated from what is currently available in the market while meeting the demands and lifestyles of their customers,” said Jay Whitehurst, President of the Locations Technologies Group, Comtech. “As Indian Motorcycle continues to drive new industry trends, we look forward to building on the success of this product and innovating for future riders.”

The Ride Command system is included with various Indian Motorcycle models. For more information, visit

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