Next-Gen Communications Solutions

Comtech marries a culture of innovation and engineering with an elevated customer experience.

Offering best-in-class insights and market-leading technology, Comtech is a one-stop shop for all your communications and connectivity needs.

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Satellite & space communications

Satellite, Modem & Amplifier Technologies

Troposcatter & SATCOM Solutions

Space Components & Antennas

High Power Amplifiers

Terrestrial & Wireless Networks

Next Generation 911 & Call Delivery

Solacom Call Handling Solutions

Trusted Location & Messaging Solutions

Cyber Training & Cybersecurity

Hybridizing connectivity

Making hybridized connectivity a global reality

At Comtech, we’re building the future of hybridized connectivity, with technology that integrates terrestrial and satellite communications networks.

Comtech customers enjoy seamless, always-on connectivity – regardless of external conditions. All our networks are online, all the time.

Introducing Comtech: Signals

Leading insights into the next generation of communication technology, from the market leaders in hybridized connectivity.

To learn more about the future of Comtech and the global communications landscape, visit our blog, Comtech: Signals.

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