Wireless E9-1-1

Calls That Matter, Connections That Save
The public safety industry needs reliable 9‑1‑1 products that deliver calls and caller positioning in critical situations. Comtech’s 2G/3G Enhanced 9‑1‑1 (E9‑1‑1) and 4G/VoLTE9‑1‑1™ solutions quickly and accurately route wireless 9‑1‑1 calls to public safety answering points (PSAPs) and deliver the location of wireless 9‑1‑1 callers. These solutions also support PSAP queries to determine the precise location of a wireless 9‑1‑1 caller throughout the entire duration of the call.

Product Details
Comtech’s Wireless E9‑1‑1 solutions support emergency call routing for Long-Term Evolution (LTE), 2G/3G, and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks. They quickly determine the appropriate PSAP to handle each of the calls based on caller location, either returning routing instructions to a carrier or routing the calls to public safety on behalf of the carrier. The 2G/3G E9‑1‑1 and 4G/VoLTE9‑1‑1 solutions also perform precision positioning for each of the callers. Comtech’s solutions support handset-based, network-based, and indoor location methods.

Our Wireless E9‑1‑1 solutions comply with the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO), Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), National Emergency Number Association (NENA), and the latest applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates, including Wireless Phases 1 and 2.

Industry Compliance
The Wireless E9‑1‑1 solution complies with the NENA 02-010, 02-011, 02-015, 04-001, and 05-001 (J-STD-036 E2) standards.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature Benefit
All types of Wireless NetworksSupport all types of wireless networks, including GSM/UMTS, CDMA, VoLTE, and indoor wireless enterprise small cells.
Flexible Call RoutingRoutes calls rapidly and accurately to appropriate PSAPs. Comtech may route calls on behalf of customers or return routing instructions to the carriers.
Precise LocationProvide PSAP precise location of the 9‑1‑1 callers through hosted or in-network PDE/SMLC/SAS/ESMLC application.
Seamless HandoffEnables callers to roam between outdoor macro cells and indoor small cells and still maintain the call.
Civic & Geodetic Reporting for Enterprise Wireless Small CellsUtilizes civic and geodetic location of wireless small cells for location reporting.
Indoor WiFi LocationIntegrates with enterprise network providers to utilize WiFi Access Points for indoor location.
Location RebidEnable PSAPs to query for an updated location.
4G S8HR RoamingOffer 9‑1‑1 service support for roaming partners. For country code 1, the service reports call back number; otherwise, the service reports 911+IMEI.
ALI Link™Provides nationwide connectivity between ALI Link customers and more than 200 ALI databases used for E9‑1‑1. Cellular carriers and other customers using the ALI Link service can access both regional and standalone ALI databases through a single contact point for both Phase I and Phase II wireless E9‑1‑1.
ReportingProvide formatted reports for regulatory requirements or call records to assist carrier with own reporting.