Location Studio®

Features of Trusted OpenStreetMaps


  • HD and feature-rich 3D maps
  • Enriched map tiles
  • Forward/Reverse geocoding
  • Custom Layers (Traffic, Satellite, Weather, etc.)
  • Real-time traffic
  • Auto and pedestrian modes
  • Enhanced OSM data
  • Enhanced Local Search


  • Voice
  • Point addressing
  • Multi-route options
  • Fastest arrival time option
  • 3D buildings and landmarks
  • POI layer
  • Indoor maps integration
  • Doppler weather overlay
  • Gas prices, movies and more

Trusted OpenStreetMaps (TOSM) from Comtech Location Technologies

Our TOSM platform is a feature-rich, immersive solution for mapping and turn-by-turn navigation in any environment. We clean, enhance, and integrate third-party data sources to empower you to deliver the best map experience possible

Why Choose Trusted OpenStreetMaps from Comtech?

Our expert team refines OSM data by cleaning, optimizing, normalizing, and updating it; creating a more “trusted” data source. Crowd-sourcing allows us to deliver an affordable product that is frequently updated for a richer experience.

We integrate third-party content, such as weather or traffic conditions, with real time updates.

Who Uses Comtech TOSM?

We provide white-label options to organizations in a broad range of industries, including Mobile Network Operators, mobile device manufacturers, automotives, major traffic and navigation providers, and more. Customers frequently use our TOSM solution for: Public safety Navigation applications People and asset tracking Logistics and transportation

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GeoSuite from Comtech Location Technologies

Pioneering machine-based intelligence for RF fingerprinting to provide improved yield without costly maintenance.

Features of GeoSuite

Maps • Open-source APIs • Global Maps • Custom Styles and Layers
Custom Content Overlay • Pan / Zoom • Tilt / Rotate • 3D Landmarks • Buildings
Building Outlines• Layering Controls • Traffic Layer • Tracking Layer • POIs


Single Box Search • Full Geocoding Support • Global coverage • Deduplication
Automatic Speech Recognition • Multiple POI Database Aggregation • Content
Real-Time Traffic • Gas Prices • Local Deals • Ratings • Weather (forecast and Doppler)


Natural Voice Guidance • Voice Lane Guidance • Traffic • Speed Limits • Highway Signs
Route Selection • Pedestrian • Best in Class Navigation User Experience

Features of ILP

  • Utilizes world-wide cellular, WiFi, and BLE data
  • Adaptable for different environments and applications
  • Cost-effective deployment and maintenance
  • Precise indoor location seamlessly merged with traditional outdoor location technologies
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Precise indoor location available without addition of beacons, enabling lower cost of operation

Benefits of ILP

  • Simplified integration enabling fast Time-to-Market
  • OS agnostic including support for proprietary systems
  • Customized solutions mapped to specific business process improvements
  • Experienced support staff worldwide

IoT Location Platform (ILP) from Comtech Location Technologies

Cloud-based, carrier-grade, OTT solution for both indoor and outdoor use cases.

ILP determines the location of devices using cell and WiFi signals independent of hardware, OS, and transport layers. It was developed specifically to support the needs of low-energy devices and multi-network communications to provide precise, seamless indoor-outdoor location determination.

Our state-of-the-art positioning engine simultaneously processes measurement data from GPS, GLONASS, cellular, WiFi/BLE, LPWAN, and other sources to deliver the most accurate position estimate possible. It is available independent of cellular coverage and enables enterprises and MNOs to support customers globally.

Why Choose ILP for IoT?

  • Over-the-Top
  • OTT enables precise location across any platform, independent of hardware, operating system, and transport layer.


  • Customers retain data control, while we keep it secure.

Global Coverage

  • Air interfaces (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, BLE)
  • Environments (indoor, outdoor, urban, suburban, rural)


  • Small memory footprint reduces costs for end device.
  • Lightweight transport improves data efficiency.

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