Guardian Insights

Capture and Record All Call Information

Collect voice, text, image, video, and map data in real time and generate a variety of administrative reports with Guardian Insights.

Guardian Insights is a complete call logging, tracking, and reporting application that meets all i3 specifications and standards and puts critical data at your fingertips through an innovative, flexible interface. This enables efficient gathering, viewing, and distributing of a greater variety of data quickly and easily to improve operations and meet compliance requirements.

Simplify Reporting

Once data is logged into the system, you have all the information you need at your fingertips to generate a variety of reports. Guardian Insights supports standalone queries, as well as ad-hoc and custom reports. To simplify the reporting process, Guardian Insights is delivered fully loaded with a library of 25 default report templates that can be used as structured or modified to generate custom reports. Based on assigned permissions, users, supervisors, and system maintenance personnel can pull specific data into a report and customize the presentation of the data as needed using filters, checkboxes, buttons, and custom fields. This makes it easier to generate custom reports for specific workstations, days, weeks, or months and present them for analysis.

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