We have a proven track record of delivering reliable, scalable and ruggedized solutions for government applications above or below the sea, on the ground, and in the air. Some government satellite communications programs leverage our existing products and waveforms, while others require modifications or new architecture developments that push the technology envelope. Regardless of the scenario, our solutions are engineered to meet a range of standards and to support changing mission requirements.

We are ready to evaluate your network configuration and traffic mix to determine how our latest innovations can support your connectivity needs.

Technology & Products We combine technology and expertise to facilitate communications for a variety of governments and militaries. Installed in 160+ countries, our line-up of SATCOM products are developed and manufactured in the USA, and offer reliability and advanced functionality that can optimize your space segment. Our solutions are engineered to meet a range of standards to provide adaptable, scalable, and manageable solutions to meet our customers’ changing mission requirements. We have an extensive product portfolio and offer both branch and agency support.