Why Choose Comtech for Situational Awareness?

  • Reduced time between alert and action
  • Enhance overall quality of public safety responses
  • Full real-time visibility of the physical environment
  • Ongoing technology enhancements and integrations
  • Access to over 46,000 live DOT camera feeds in the US
  • Unique person-of-interest data
  • An intuitive, single-screen geospatial mapping interface for all incident management needs

Emergency Suite

Comtech’s SmartResponse™

Our in-cloud geospatial solution with real-time, contextual, and actionable situational awareness for PSAPs and first responders.

An efficient, targeted response to emergency situations is critical. SmartResponse™ provides a Common Operational Picture (COP) for an effective data-driven response to emergency situations.

The solution offers:
Real-time situational awareness for security agencies and first responders

  • Stream live feeds from traffic cameras at and near incident location
  • Access caller information like past residences, criminal history, or next-of-kin information at the tap of a button
  • Integration with third-party data like traffic, weather and other sources

Intuitive geospatial mapping interface

  • Out-of-the-box integration with GIS data from any authenticated GIS source including GIS data from Comtech
  • Option to update GIS data in real-time or scheduled to agency needs
  • Separate views into incident management for PSAP call takers and managers through a highly-configurable interface
  • Ability to integrate PSAP call handling and dispatch solutions into a single map-driven interface

Location Intelligence

  • Bird’s-eye view of integrated search based on address, intersection, or places of interest
  • Shortest route to incident location for first responders
  • Access to historical data for analysis and visualization

The platform empowers public safety answering point employees to leverage live camera feeds, weather data, traffic information—and more—to ensure the appropriate resources are on the scene and to better serve the public in emergency situations.

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Comtech Maps and Map Portal

Our feature-rich platform allows public safety answering points (PSAPs) to create a contextual mapping solution—enhancing the quality of responses to public safety situations.

Comtech Maps gives PSAP administrators access to an extensive library of map data that can be extended with custom overlays, providing additional contextual data. The tailored mapping solution is easily managed from one convenient interface via the Comtech Map Portal. Maps and Map Portal work in tandem with all products in the SmartResponse system to further augment the public safety ecosystem.

Comtech Maps – Leverage APIs to access our robust collection of map data, real-time weather data, traffic data, POI, and more. This map solution is highly customizable to fit your unique needs.

Comtech Map Portal – Control access to your customized maps solution from one intuitive interface. The Map Portal makes it easy to manage your customized implementation of Comtech Maps.