Custom GeoServices from Comtech Location Technologies

Custom GeoServices from Comtech Location Technologies

Personalized GeoServices from the Leading Provider

Connect with your customers by providing end-to-end solutions leveraging our GeoServices.

Customers in today’s connected world are acquired on three different tenants: product and service experience, personalization of customers’ needs, and commitment to service excellence. Organizations are becoming more efficient through improved processes and capabilities, faster decisions in workforce management, and improved customer intelligence.

The “where factor” is becoming more important as enterprises evolve in this digital era.

Comtech’s GeoServices offering includes consulting, GeoServices platform, technology, and applications which are geared towards individual enterprises’ challenges.

Why Customize Your GeoServices?
Each organization has unique needs when it comes to location services. Using our proprietary platforms, APIs, and SDKs, we create fully customized solutions for almost any application that uses positioning, search, localized content, maps, navigation, geofencing, and more.

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