Comtech at SOF Week

Comtech at SOF Week

At Comtech, we are in a relentless pursuit of a better way – empowering people by connecting everything and everyone.  Thanks to the convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications infrastructures, we’re closer than ever to a future that will offer continuous and ubiquitous connectivity. Comtech’s new vision of “building connections that set ideas free” is an embodiment of the dedication and commitment to excellence in the company’s innovative culture and passion for customer success.


Contact us to learn more about:

  • Our ‘One Comtech’ strategy and fluency in future technology-enabled capabilities.

  • How we’re building the future of hybridized connectivity, with technology that integrates terrestrial and satellite communications networks.

  • How Comtech’s portfolio of defense and security technologies are uniquely positioned to deliver capabilities that will enhance Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) operations.



SOF Week Demo

Comtech and Silvus Technologies will conduct a demonstration establishing a Beyond Line-of-Sight Communications network highlighting how troposcatter, MANET, and other communications technologies can be integrated into a resilient and flexible network topology that supports the transmission and dissemination of mission critical voice, video, and data services. See how data can be weaponizing through transport advancements, predictive analysis, and the prioritized display of existing sensor data. We will show you how putting the most critical data in front of Operators leads to faster, more informed decision making.

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Defense and Cybersecure Solutions

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