Satellite Modems

Comtech offers the widest range of bandwidth-efficient Satellite Modems in the industry.

Our award-winning modems feature advanced technologies and support a range of applications, including mobile & backhaul, government, premium enterprise, and mobility.

earth from space

Featured Products

SLM-5650C2 & SLM-5650C2 ODU Software Defined Modems

CDM-780 Modular High-Speed Modem

CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking & Broadcast Modem

CDM-625A Advanced Satellite Modem

CDM-625A-EN Advanced Satellite Modem

CDMER-625A Advanced Satellite Modem

CDM-425 Advanced Satellite Modem

CDM-570A/L & CDM-570A/L-IP Satellite Modems

CDM-570A/L-IPEN Satellite Modems

SLM-5650B Satellite Modem

SLM-5650BD Satellite Demodulator

SLM-5650C & SLM-5650C ODU Software Defined Modems

DMD2050E MIL-STD-188-165A/STANAG 4486 Edition 3 Universal Satellite Modem

DM240XR Digital Video Broadcast Modulator with AutoEQ

DMD-1050TS L-Band Satellite Modem Board

MCDD-100 Detecting Device

CDD-564AL IP Demodulators

Active Products

MCDD-100 Detecting Device

SLM-5650BD Satellite Demodulator

CDM-625A-ENI Advanced Satellite Modem

CDD-564AL IP Demodulators

Modem Accessories

CRS-300 1:10 Modem Redundancy Switch

CRS-311 1:1 Modem Redundancy Switch

CRS-500 1:N Modem Redundancy System

CRS Series 1:1 Modem Redundancy Switches

RCS11 1:1 Redundancy Switch

SMS-301 Modem Protection Switch

STS11/L Solid-State Transfer Switches