Positioning Suite

Cloud-based, carrier-grade OTT solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Comtech’s IoT Location Platform (ILP) determines the location of devices, independent of hardware, OS, and transport layers. It delivers precise, seamless, indoor-outdoor location.

Positioning Suite

Product Details

Our state-of-the-art positioning engine merges data across platforms to deliver the market’s most accurate position estimate. 

Offering always-on connectivity, it’s well equipped to support enterprises, MNOs, and customers around the globe.

Why Choose ILP for IoT?

Over-the-Top: OTT enables precise location across all platforms, independent of hardware.

Privacy: Customers retain data control, while we keep it secure. 

Global Coverage: Air interfaces (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, BLE) and Environments (indoor, outdoor, urban, suburban, rural). 

Efficient: Small memory footprint reduces costs for end device and lightweight transport improves data efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Features of Comtech’s Positioning Suite: 

  • Utilizes world-wide cellular, WiFi, and BLE data
  • Adaptable for different environments and applications
  • Cost-effective deployment and maintenance
  • Precise indoor location seamlessly merged with traditional outdoor location technologies
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Precise indoor location available without addition of beacons, enabling lower cost of operation

Benefits of Comtech’s Positioning Suite: 

  • Simplified integration enabling fast Time-to-Market
  • OS agnostic including support for proprietary systems
  • Customized solutions mapped to specific business process improvements
  • Experienced support staff worldwide

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