Customized Solutions

When your business has a unique need in location, mapping, navigation, and geo-services, count on Comtech for a customized solution.

Comtech is a one-stop shop for content and data. Our customized solutions increase profitability by reducing cycle time, improving productivity, and enabling real-time visibility. 

Customized Solutions

Our Solutions

Our solutions are built on in-house platforms, backed by end-to-end support by Comtech experts. 

Examples of Comtech’s customized solutions include: 

  • Unique Navigation Solution: A leading manufacturer of vehicles came to Comtech with unique device, routing option, and product feature needs. Comtech seamlessly designed and deployed the product across multiple vehicles in multiple nations, with tailored content for each country. 
  • Workforce Tracker Solution: Combining geoservices and positioning platforms, a workforce tracker was deployed for a major partner. It enabled increased productivity, reduced expenses, and support for emergency communications.
  • Enhanced Mapping Content: Location Studio’s flexibility enables content beyond specific APIs. Comtech provided customer map data packages on TOSM data delivering a richer end-user experience. 

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