The Comtech Compact Over-the-Horizon Transportable Terminal (COMET™) is the smallest and lightest modular man-packable troposcatter system available.


Light and Flexible Communications

With an operational configuration weighing only 50 lbs, this full-featured troposcatter system can be airline checked, automobile transported, and carried into the field. 

Designed for 60 km BLOS links at data rates of 5 to 60 Mbps, the Comtech COMET™ can be set up by one person in as little as 15 minutes.

Product Details

The feature-rich Comtech COMET™ can easily be linked with other Comtech tactical, mobile, and fixed terminals to provide beyond-line-of-sight troposcatter systems for all global applications.

Each system consists of the CS67PLUS radio as well as 10 watt SSPAs, LNAs, and diplexers all mounted to the 1m antenna.

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