Comtech Drives One-Thousand-Fold Performance Increase in Troposcatter Technologies

Comtech’s Troposcatter technologies provide a significant communications advantage in nearly every environment imaginable. As private and public sectors look to modernize and enhance communications infrastructures with thoroughly proven and inherently secure technology, Comtech’s Troposcatter Family of Systems (FoS) are uniquely positioned to deliver resilient, software-defined connectivity when and where it matters most.

When first introduced, Troposcatter microwave radio communications enabled U.S. and allied forces to deliver vital information hundreds of miles over the horizon, or beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS), by bouncing microwave radio signals off the upper layers of the troposphere. Bouncing this signal off the troposphere not only provided effective BLOS communications, but it also delivered a significant security advantage over traditional forms of communications given the Troposcatter signal is very difficult to intercept.

Fast-forward to the connected, information-dominant world of today, and Troposcatter is playing an integral role in some of the most critical defense, disaster response, and digital equity missions around the world. “The advantages that Troposcatter brings to the market make it a must-have in mission-critical communications today,” explained Daniel Gizinski, Chief Strategy Officer at Comtech.

Comtech’s Troposcatter capabilities are also worlds apart from traditional systems. In fact, Comtech’s Troposcatter technologies are delivering performance enhancements that represent a one-thousand-fold increase over former generations of Troposcatter systems.  

Fundamentally Changing the Possibilities

Pushing the limits of innovation, Comtech saw the need for Troposcatter to evolve to meet its current customer demands and the needs of the future.

Today, the company has developed an advanced software defined Troposcatter solution, with the highest data throughput capacity (up to 210 megabits per second), of any Troposcatter system on the market. The device features adaptive coding modulation (ACM) technology that continuously selects the best connection link to provide maximum amount of data, speed, and reliability in nearly any global environment, without operator input.

“When you bring a one-thousand-fold performance improvement to market, you fundamentally change what is possible,” said Gizinski. “Our teams have been able to demonstrate that you can now leverage Troposcatter to reset communications infrastructures from scratch in a matter of days versus weeks or even years.”

That new level of rapid infrastructure deployment has proven to be a game changer amid the war in Ukraine. “In Ukraine, we’re seeing the effectiveness of our Troposcatter FoS in real-time. In fact, our Troposcatter technologies are being used by the Ukranian government to deploy and enable hybrid networks in defense and commercial scenarios where satellite and Troposcatter capabilities in the field complement each other to provide consistent and resilient connectivity capabilities that can easily adapt to evolving conditions.”

Comtech’s prior work with the Ukrainian Government means its gear is certified for use and can be fielded with training provided by both Comtech and current operators. The company designs systems with a focus on interoperability so that its feature-rich systems can be easily blended with other communications technologies to provide a robust, layered, comprehensive network.

“The war in Ukraine offers up unique opportunities to test equipment in incredibly tough conditions,” said Gizinski, noting Comtech donated the connectivity solution early on in Ukraine, in advance of a large purchase of Comtech’s Troposcatter systems. “We’re getting vital feedback about our systems in real time – good, positive, and detailed feedback that can help verify we’ve built to real-life requirements and identify areas that drive enhancements.”

Connecting the Unconnected

Through Comtech’s unique culture of innovation, the company has turned Troposcatter systems into a true differentiator and game-changing technology that is designed to solve some of the most difficult communications and networking challenges in the world.

“While our Troposcatter technologies have already proven effective in conflict zones, our systems have applications that go well beyond military and tactical needs,” explained Gizinski. “Disaster recovery, and emergency communications restoration in virtually any commercial or government scenario conceivable is where Troposcatter can also shine.” 

Troposcatter is also unique in that it can be set up rapidly and it doesn’t rely on the purchase of satellite capacity. “And inclement weather, which can interfere with satellite and microwave signals, doesn’t have a negative impact on Troposcatter signals at all, Gizinski noted. “In fact, bad weather actually enables Troposcatter to perform better as it bounces off the dust, rain and snow in the upper atmosphere.”

In addition to military use cases and disaster response, Troposcatter is quickly emerging as a new solution to help bring connectivity to areas of the world that remain unconnected. Comtech is currently exploring use cases where the company’s Troposcatter FoS can be deployed to remote areas or isolated towns to deliver high-speed internet access where it was previously unavailable.

“In many ways, our Troposcatter capabilities are designed with the future in mind,” said Gizinski. “Our Troposcatter FoS are uniquely positioned to bridge the digital divide and support major commercial and government initiatives, such as Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) and smart-enabled disaster response, among other use cases.”

As Comtech aims to address its customers’ toughest challenges, the company’s Troposcatter technologies will continue to adapt and evolve to enable the blended networks needed to connect the unconnected and empower individuals, communities, businesses, governments, and militaries with access to new communications technologies when they matter most.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain information in this blog post contains statements that are forward-looking in nature and involve certain significant risks and uncertainties. Actual results and performance could differ materially from such forward-looking information. The Company’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings identify many such risks and uncertainties. Any forward-looking information in this press release is qualified in its entirety by the risks and uncertainties described in such Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

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