Troposcatter Family of Systems: Relay Link Replacement

A common problem encountered by operators of Line-of-Sight (LOS) radio is an inability to deliver reliable communications over longer distances. Comtech’s Troposcatter Family of Systems (FoS) provide an easy alternative for customers to relay critical information over long distances—regardless of terrain or environment.

Radio frequency relay link systems were invented in the late 1800s, and later adopted by militaries during World War II (WWII) to strategically communicate mission plans through audio messages. While the technology dates to WWII, military branches continue to rely on multiple LOS systems to relay critical information during missions. Today, relay links are limited in their ability to reliably deliver critical information when it’s needed most—whether it’s on a battlefield or during a natural disaster.

Comtech’s Troposcatter FoS can deliver reliable communications regardless of terrain geographic obstacles. COMET, Comtech’s smallest form factor Troposcatter solution, is transported in two airline-checkable cases and is optimized for enhanced, assured, lower power, all domain communications up to 60 kilometers. The extended range and high throughput data rates (210 Mbps) make COMET as a battle-proven technology that is well positioned to replace the need to identify, deploy, and maintain relay links on the battlefield or other emergency situations.

Comtech’s Troposcatter FoS are designed to evolve over time and are uniquely positioned to support Department of Defense Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) operations by augmenting or eliminating the need for traditional relay link communications.

Whether it is stationary or on the move, Comtech’s Troposcatter FoS can meet your tactical and expeditionary communication needs. Contact a Comtech representative at [email protected], to discuss how Comtech’s Troposcatter FoS can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

This article is the second in a series that will focus on important Troposcatter use cases including: Relay Link Replacement, Troposcatter Communications on the Move, Obstructed Line of Sight Communications, Operations in Contested/Congested Satellite Environments, and Extension of Services.

 Learn more about the Troposcatter Family of Systems below.

1. Introduction

2. Relay Link Replacement

3. Communications on the Move

4. Obstructed Line of Sight


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