Auto Commissioning

UHP Routers have a basic built-in tool to assist antenna pointing to the satellite. The additional Satmotion Pocket system simplifies this process further and enables the end user to rapidly install a VSAT terminal using an App for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and laptops. Satmotion Pocket is able to simplify the commissioning process as much as possible ensuring the quality and the interference-free performance of each installation by measuring Copol, Xpol and ASI.

  • Streamlines the installation, pointing and commissioning
  • Smartphone-based tool, guiding and assisting the installer
  • Initial pointing with integrated compass and inclination tool
  • Fast and accurate pointing to the satellite
  • Accurate pointing in Rx Eb/No and in Tx CW
  • Cross-polarization (CPI) nulling
  • 1dB compression point automated calculation
  • High scalability: for small, medium and large networks
  • Compatible with all modes of UHP routers
  • Standard industry solution (GVF514 training course)

The system provides the installers with an extremely easy interface that can be understood without any specific knowledge of VSAT installations or even without assistance from the NOC. The use of an automated Satmotion Pocket system does not require an operator at the NOC/Hub and can be simultaneously performed for a large number of terminals. The terminal commissioning procedure is a simple process, which can be performed by an inexperienced user without special tools. The precise pointing to satellite not only improves performance, but also prevents possible interference with other terminals and adjacent satellites.