Comtech and E-Space Team Up to Deliver Insightful Connectivity and Smart-Enabled Services Across the Globe

Comtech and E-Space collaborate to revolutionize ubiquitous connectivity and real-time insights

Logistics operations are far smarter and more profitable with up-to-the-minute details about every shipment; real-time insights can transform emergency response capabilities; and warfighters gain a life-saving edge with Internet of Things (IoT) powered applications delivered to the core of a conflict zone.

These widely diverse use cases underline the need and demand for an unprecedented level of actionable insights that can only come from smart networks. Comtech and E-Space have teamed up to develop and deploy a mix of innovative space-based communications solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) services to enable a new age of continuous connectivity for ultra-smart applications and services.

“This collaboration leverages Comtech’s decades of experience as a satellite and terrestrial communications leader and E-Space’s innovative space architecture,” explained Daniel Gizinski, Comtech’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Together, we will deliver unprecedented access to connectivity in existing markets and new locations with an overlay of smart-enabled services.”

By combining the technology leadership of both companies, Comtech and E-Space offer government and commercial customers fully proliferated communications capabilities that bring artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to the edge, no longer limited by geography or infrastructure.

A Partnership for Global, Real-Time Insights

With over 50 years of proven technology leadership across terrestrial, wireless, and satellite markets, Comtech is going beyond traditional communications and connectivity. Today, the company is focused on integrating capabilities such as geospatial data, artificial intelligence, and other applications to create smart-enabled services that can transform the global technology landscape and deliver new insights and actionable intelligence to customers when and where they need it most.

“Today, Comtech is developing new ground service platforms that enable the integration of multi-orbit, multi-frequency, and multi-modality capabilities to provide customers with powerful new Insights at the Edge,” said Nicole Robinson, Comtech’s Chief Growth Officer. “Through this teaming agreement with E-Space, we are bringing forward a new age of smart-enabled connectivity that empowers end users with real-time actionable intelligence. Connectivity is no longer about moving data, and Comtech and E-Space are leading the way to deliver smart services that reduce the human operator burden and significantly enhance decision making capabilities across every geography.”

The E-Space constellation, optimized with edge Artificial Intelligence (edge AI), will enable the delivery of new smart applications, real-time actionable insights and suggested courses of action.

“Comtech and E-Space are focused on enabling companies to use space-powered data in new ways,” said Amy Mehlman, vice president, Global Affairs and Stakeholder Relations at E-Space. “The use cases are plentiful—from providing warfighters up-to-the-minute situational awareness to ensuring logistics providers have incredible insights into every asset in a delivery. Our space-based communications system can enable smarter data, which ultimately leads to smarter operations.”

E-Space’s advanced technology will enable a new class of ubiquitous real-time communications capabilities, which is expected to reduce overall space system and device costs while increasing coverage – further bridging the digital divide, a core mission of both companies.

Connecting the Unconnected

Comtech is committed to the democratization of communications access through a unique ability to identify and deliver the technologies and services that will be needed to connect the unconnected, bridge the digital divide, and unleash new innovative ideas.

It’s a passion shared by E-Space’s Founder and CEO Greg Wyler, who in addition to starting E-Space also founded both O3b Networks and OneWeb – companies that are years later turning that vision into reality by launching satellites into MEO and LEO respectively to, in part, help close the broadband connectivity gap in some of the most remote areas of the world.

New hybrid infrastructures that combine terrestrial, wireless and satellite networks and technologies can deliver affordable, ultra-high-speed services to underserved and unconnected communities and can do so on a much faster timeline than current platforms – days instead of years. Comtech recently completed a demonstration in Greece showcasing its ability to easily blend satellite and terrestrial technologies to deliver life-changing 5G to remote areas.

“Connectivity is the game-changing elixir that is delivering world-class education and healthcare, among many other critical services, to places that were just recently unconnected and isolated,” noted Robinson. “Together with E-Space, Comtech is pushing the limits of satellite and space innovation to create a truly connected and empowered world.”

Through Comtech’s strategic partnerships and collaborative agreements with industry disruptors like E-Space, the company is leading the way to create unprecedented opportunities and access to data and insights that offer up new paths for economic growth and success in a broad range of markets and communities around the globe.

Together, Comtech and E-Space are tackling some of the toughest communications challenges facing communities, governments, and businesses in the world to transform the global technology landscape and deliver smart-enabled services when and where they matter most.

Forward Looking Statements

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