Comtech Sets the Record Straight Regarding Outerbridge’s Continued Misleading Claims

Outerbridge’s latest claims do not stand up to the facts; Exposes hedge fund’s misleading statements, material omissions, unqualified director nominees, and true agenda

Comtech’s Board has driven strong performance, transformative acquisition strategy, thoughtful Board refreshment, and access to critical new growth capital

Comtech strongly recommends stockholders vote “FOR” all of Comtech’s highly qualified and experienced director nominees on the BLUE proxy card

November 29, 2021 Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL), a leading global provider of next-generation 911 emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies, today announced that it has filed supplemental investor information with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) addressing factual inaccuracies and misleading statements Outerbridge Capital Management has made regarding Comtech’s performance, strategy, Board of Directors and management team. This supplemental information along with a full presentation by Comtech is available under the stockholder materials section of

In response to Outerbridge’s continued false and misleading statements, Comtech notes:

  • Outerbridge greatly misrepresents the facts of Comtech’s performance, revealing an ongoing inability to understand Comtech’s business. The November 22, 2021 “analysis” that Outerbridge filed with the SEC uses a peer set on which no informed shareholder or analyst would rely. Outerbridge cites companies whose market capitalizations, businesses, end markets, and financial profiles differ so radically from Comtech as to render comparisons at best irrelevant, and at worst self-serving and misleading. Further, this analysis cherry picks dates so as to completely ignore the announcements of major new contract wins and governance enhancements that were well underway before Comtech ever heard of Outerbridge.
  • Outerbridge glosses over its deceptive revolving door of Board candidates. In criticizing Comtech’s vetting process, Outerbridge conveniently omits that it failed to permit its initial nominees to follow Comtech’s standard evaluation process; then changed its entire director nominee slate; and then again refused to permit its nominees to participate in standard Board-selection due diligence.
  • Outerbridge’s director nominees are unfit to serve on Comtech’s Board. Wendi Carpenter offers no industry, accounting, or M&A expertise. Ms. Carpenter sits on the Board of only one company, SkyWater Technology, whose share price fell 36% following disappointing third quarter earnings in which the company reported a net loss and its principal accounting officer resigned without explanation. Comtech also discovered material omissions from Ms. Carpenter’s resume that mask a history of poor oversight, including chairing a now defunct credit card processing company and forming three small businesses that have been administratively dissolved due to failure to file required annual reports and registrations. Sidney Fuchs currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Eutelsat North America, a major competitor to many of Comtech’s largest customers, creating a material conflict of interest that would significantly damage key customer relationships and negatively impact prospective business opportunities. His industry background is in services – not products or software – and he also possesses no accounting or audit experience. Mr. Fuchs resigned his only position as CEO and director of a public company, ATS Corporation, just a few days after assuming the CEO role.
  • Outerbridge appears to have no value creation plan beyond writing public letters riddled with inaccuracies and misleading, unsubstantiated claims; wasting our Board’s time with an ever-changing selection of director candidates; and actively trading in and out of Comtech’s stock over the past several months while holding a substantial portion of their “ownership” position in short-dated options.

In stark contrast to Outerbridge, Comtech is in the process of executing its real, forward-facing plans to create shareholder value. Armed with new oversight and new capital, Comtech is poised to capitalize on a generational tech-renewal cycle in its core satellite communications and next-generation 911 markets. The presentation highlights that Comtech has:

  • Delivered strong shareholder returns: Through October 29, 2021, Comtech has delivered five-year total shareholder returns of 126.7%, outperforming the S&P 600 which returned 99.7%, the NASDAQ Telecommunications Index which returned 87.5%, and the appropriate peer set who returned 36.7%. This five-year period includes major announcements made by Comtech: (i) the fiscal 2021 refreshment of the Board including the appointment of our second female director; (ii) Comtech’s plan to declassify the Board; (iii) the impact of COVID-19 on Comtech’s full fiscal 2021 results and fiscal 2022 guidance; (iv) the announcement of the completion of the Board’s multi-year CEO succession plan; and (v) major contract award announcements related to NG-911 contracts and a new multi-year contract for our next-generation broadband satellite technology that can result in potential future orders aggregating hundreds of millions of dollars. Despite the indisputable impact of COVID-19 disruptions on its business, Comtech’s share price has also rebounded 84% from pandemic lows.1
  • Executed a transformative acquisition strategy that is producing results: Comtech’s 2016 acquisition of TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. facilitated entry into the 911 public safety market, provided access to blue chip customers, and generated meaningful recurring revenues through multi-year contracts. In the same breath that they refer to Comtech’s 911 public safety business as its “crown jewel,” they criticize the disciplined and thoughtful M&A strategy that built this business. Outerbridge cannot have it both ways.
  • Refreshed its Board with highly capable directors: Since 2020, Comtech’s Board has accelerated a deliberate director refreshment process that was initiated in 2015, resulting in the appointment of four qualified new directors, the planned retirement of three longstanding directors, and declassification as part of its commitment to strong governance. Comtech’s two directors standing for election demonstrate the strong mix of skills, experience, and diverse perspectives on the Board. Larry Waldman’s 35-plus years of experience in auditing and internal controls provide our Board critical expertise in complex global accounting. Judy Chambers was appointed to our Board in August 2021 following a multi-month evaluation process, adding extensive experience interfacing with regulatory authorities as it relates to major infrastructure projects and addressing the interests and concerns of institutional investors.
  • Secured new capital to fund next phase of growth and empowered the right leader: New CEO Mike Porcelain has the operational and executional expertise necessary to move Comtech forward, as evidenced by his ability to drive key, long-term contract wins and secure a $100 million investment following months of discussions. The proceeds of this investment provide the capital necessary to fund Comtech’s next phase of growth, including additional capital investments to service new next-generation 911 contracts and a new large satellite technology contract as well as attractive M&A opportunities. Leading financial and legal advisors thoroughly assessed the terms of this investment, which provide for an adjustment to the conversion price representing a 7% premium. Further, the investment agreement contains no voting obligations with respect to the election of directors.

Comtech bittet seine Aktionäre dringend, ihren Vorstand zu unterstützen, indem sie heute mit der BLAUEN Vollmachtskarte FÜR die beiden hochqualifizierten Kandidaten von Comtech, Judy Chambers und Larry Waldman, stimmen. Bitte senden Sie keine weiße Vollmachtskarte, die Sie von Outerbridge erhalten haben, zurück und stimmen Sie auch nicht mit dieser ab.


Um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Aktien vertreten sind, befolgen Sie bitte die einfachen Anweisungen auf der BLAUEN Vollmachtskarte, um telefonisch oder per Internet abzustimmen, oder indem Sie die BLAUE Vollmachtskarte unterschreiben, datieren und in dem beigefügten frankierten Umschlag zurücksenden. Wenn Sie dieses Schreiben per E-Mail erhalten haben, können Sie auch abstimmen, indem Sie auf die BLAUE Schaltfläche "JETZT ABSTIMMEN" in der beigefügten E-Mail klicken. Bitte ignorieren Sie einfach alle weißen Vollmachtskarten, die Sie von Outerbridge erhalten haben.

If you have any questions or require any assistance with voting your shares, please call Comtech’s proxy solicitor, Innisfree M&A Incorporated:

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Comtech hat bei der Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") eine endgültige Vollmachtserklärung eingereicht und an die Aktionäre des Unternehmens versandt, sowie eine begleitende BLAUE Proxy Card und andere relevante Dokumente in Verbindung mit der Jahreshauptversammlung des Unternehmens für das Geschäftsjahr 2021 (die "Jahreshauptversammlung 2021") verschickt. DIE AKTIONÄRE DES UNTERNEHMENS WERDEN DRINGEND GEBETEN, DAS PROXY STATEMENT, DIE BEGLEITENDE BLAUE PROXY CARD UND ALLE ANDEREN DOKUMENTE ZU LESEN, DIE IN VERBINDUNG MIT DER JAHRESHAUPTVERSAMMLUNG 2021 DES UNTERNEHMENS BEI DER SEC EINGEREICHT WERDEN ODER DURCH VERWEIS IN DAS PROXY STATEMENT AUFGENOMMEN WERDEN, DA SIE WICHTIGE INFORMATIONEN ÜBER DIE JAHRESHAUPTVERSAMMLUNG 2021 DES UNTERNEHMENS UND DIE DAMIT VERBUNDENEN PARTEIEN ENTHALTEN. Die Aktionäre des Unternehmens können eine kostenlose Kopie der bei der SEC eingereichten Dokumente auf der Website der SEC unter oder auf der Website des Unternehmens unter erhalten .

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1 Quelle: Bloomberg-Marktdaten, Stand: 29. Oktober 2021. Bei den ausgewählten Peers handelt es sich um globale Anbieter von Kommunikationslösungen und -dienstleistungen, die sowohl kommerzielle als auch staatliche Kunden haben; beschränkt auf Unternehmen mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von weniger als 10 Mrd. USD. Zu den ausgewählten Vergleichsunternehmen gehören Elbit, Gilat, KVH Industries, ST Engineering und Viasat. Die Gesamtrendite der Aktionäre setzt voraus, dass die Dividenden zum risikofreien Zinssatz reinvestiert werden.


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