Comtech Names Telecommunications and Public Safety Leader Jeff Robertson as President of Terrestrial & Wireless Networks Business Segment

CHANDLER, Ariz. – March 21, 2024– Comtech (NASDAQ: CMTL), a global technology leader, today announced the appointment of telecommunications and public safety industry leader Jeff Robertson as the Company’s new President of its Terrestrial and Wireless Networks business segment.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

Prior to joining Comtech, Robertson served as President & CEO of Intrado Life Safety, a company specializing in first responder technology in North America. Under his leadership, Robertson enhanced Intrado Life Safety’s operating structure, implemented critical digital transformation initiatives, migrated legacy products to next-generation cloud-based infrastructures, improved employee retention, and strengthened key go-to-market partnerships in under four years. Intrado Life Safety was sold in 2023 for $2.4 billion under Robertson’s leadership.

Throughout his career, Robertson has held numerous leadership roles, including Senior Vice President of Public Safety for startup innovator RapidSOS, CEO of Airbus DS Communications North America, Vice President and General Manager of Intergraph’s public safety software division, CEO of TCI – TelControl, and CML Emergency Services. He was also the founding executive director of the 9-1-1 Industry Alliance.

“Jeff will be instrumental in helping Comtech continue to grow and capitalize on core business objectives,” said John Ratigan, Interim CEO of Comtech. “Jeff brings unique insights and deep industry expertise that are well aligned with our continued One Comtech journey, terrestrial and wireless technology developments, and long-term strategies in key markets.”

As President of the Terrestrial & Wireless Networks segment, Robertson will have P&L responsibility across the enterprise. Robertson will oversee all aspects of engineering, program management, operations, new product development, system design, strategic planning, and customer engagement for all Terrestrial & Wireless Networks areas of focus.

“I am thrilled to be a part of Comtech,” said Robertson. “Comtech already enjoys a leadership position in NG-911 solutions. I am excited to lead this business forward as we continue to help states and local governments around the world to provide the best possible public safety solutions for their communities. Comtech has the right people, products and culture to capture the opportunities ahead of us.”

Robertson has been involved in the field of public safety technology for over 25 years, serving as a sworn officer and deputy sheriff. He also has extensive experience in software development for the public safety sector and was awarded a U.S. Patent for Voice Over IP Delivery of 911 calls, which is widely used across the industry today.

Robertson graduated from the executive program at the Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania and received a degree in telecommunications from Toronto Metropolitan University.

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