Comtech CYBRScore™ Partners with Southern New Hampshire University to Deliver Hands-On Cyber Security Education Solution

March 20, 2018– Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq: CMTL)
announced today that its Command & Control Technologies group, which is
part of Comtech’s Government Solutions segment, has partnered with
Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a leader in online education,
to integrate Comtech’s CYBRScore™ Lab solution within three courses in
SNHU’s Master of Science in Cyber Security program. CYBRScore™
Labs are a hands-on solution powered by Comtech’s patented
PerformanScore® dynamic scoring technology. In today’s rapidly evolving
cybersecurity threat environment, training students to protect critical
enterprise infrastructure is paramount; however, precisely measuring a
students’ hands on skills is challenging. Leveraging CYBRScore™ Labs and
PerformanScore®, SNHU gains valuable insight into student cyber security
skills and abilities via quantifiable metrics and equips graduates with
verifiable “job ready” skills.

Comtech provides a series of 30 cloud-based lab scenarios integrated
within three core graduate level information security courses, including
Network Assessment and Defense (IT-643), Investigation and Digital
Forensics (ISE-640), and the Cyber Security Capstone (ISE-690). All labs
are conducted in a virtualized environment that features real networks,
real machines, real tools, and real-world scenarios. Each lab scenario
lasts from 30-60 minutes. Students can access these labs anywhere,
anytime with a viable Internet connection and a laptop.

“We are thrilled to partner with Comtech to integrate their
CYBRScore™ lab solution within our cyber security program,” said Scott
Overmyer, assistant executive director, academic STEM programs, Southern
New Hampshire University. “We are measuring real-time competency and
gaining never-before-seen insights to understand exactly where students
need to improve their cybersecurity skills.”

“CYBRScore™ Labs powered by PerformanScore® provide a
quantitative measurement of performance, using practical, hands-on
scenarios to evaluate student competencies,” said Fred Kornberg,
President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications
Corp. “Our Skills Labs provide invaluable insight into specific
strengths and weaknesses of a particular student, making student
evaluation effective and efficient.”

“Leveraging CYBRScore™ Labs, universities are able to enhance both their
cyber security degree and certificate programs and, at the same time,
build practical hands-on competency that increase a student’s job market
readiness,” Mr. Kornberg added.

이 보도 자료의 특정 정보에는 다음과 같은 미래예측 진술이 포함되어 있습니다.
미래예측적 진술이 포함되어 있으며 특정 중대한 위험과
불확실성을 수반합니다. 실제 결과는 이러한 미래예측 정보와 크게 다를 수 있습니다.
미래 예측 정보. 회사의 증권거래
위원회 제출 자료에는 이러한 위험과 불확실성이 다수 명시되어 있습니다. 모든
이 보도 자료의 미래 예측 정보는 해당 증권거래위원회에 제출된
이 보도 자료의 모든 미래 예측 정보는 해당 증권 및
증권거래위원회 제출 서류에 기술된 위험과 불확실성에 의해 전적으로 검증됩니다.

컴텍 소개

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. designs, develops, produces and markets
innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications
solutions. The Company sells products to a diverse customer base in the
global commercial and government communications markets. You can learn
more about CYBRScore™ and other Comtech cyber training products and
services including off-the-shelf courses, course instruction, and state
of the art cyber training products at the Comtech CYBRScore™ website:

About Southern New Hampshire University

New Hampshire University
(SNHU) is a private, nonprofit institution
with an 85-year history of educating traditional-aged students and
working adults. Now serving more than 85,000 students worldwide, SNHU
offers over 200 accredited undergraduate, graduate and certificate
programs, available online and on its 300-acre campus in Manchester, NH.
Recognized as the “Most Innovative” regional university by U.S. News &
World Report and one of the fastest-growing universities in the country,
SNHU is committed to expanding access to high quality, affordable
pathways that meet the needs of each student. Learn more at


마이클 D. 포셀린, 수석 부사장 겸 최고재무책임자
재무 책임자
[email protected]

Lauren Keane, Assistant Vice President, Communications
[email protected]

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