GNSS Assistance Data Feeds

Enable your location-based products and services using Comtech’s highly reliable Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) reference data feeds.

What we offer

Comtech’s GNSS reference data feeds and corrections enable location-based solutions globally.

Our solution leverages a Global Reference Network (GRN) to provide real-time almanac, ephemeris, correction, and prediction data for a variety of applications and use cases.

Currently, Comtech has access to the following constellations GPS (US), Galileo (Europe), GLONASS (Russia), BeiDou (China), QZSS (Japan), and NavIC (India).

  • Almanac and ephemeris assistance data for your location-based products using UE-Assisted and UE-Based positioning. 
  • PPP-RTK Data – atmospheric correction data to further enhance GNSS positioning making decimeter level accuracy possible. 
  • Predictions – for applications where connectivity is limited, prediction data is available varying in duration adjusted for your use case. 
  • Highly-reliable, globally available feeds meeting all your location needs. 

How You Benefit from Comtech’s GNSS Assistance Data Feeds

  1. Location-based platforms and services benefit from GNSS data to compute precise location.
  2. Enhances device location performance by improving time-to-first-fix.
  3. Гибкие модели развертывания, такие как Comtech-hosted или на территории заказчика.

Comtech’s GNSS Assistance Data Feeds are used globally by Mobile Network Operators, Femtocell implementations,
Small Cell Gateways, IoT and M2M manufacturers.

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