Comtech Receives $3.7 Million of Funding To Support the BFT-2 Program

June 4, 2018–Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq:CMTL) announced
today that during its third quarter of fiscal 2018, its Command and
Control Technologies group, through its Maryland-based subsidiary,
Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, which is part of Comtech’s
Government Solutions segment, was awarded a contract modification
totaling $3.7 million from the Consortium Management Group (“CMG”) to
support the U.S. Army Project Manager Mission Command (“PM MC”) and the
Blue Force Tracking 2 (“BFT-2”) program.

This contract modification provides funding for Phase 1B following the
Phase 1 execution in September 2017. The objective of both Phase 1 and
1B, which total $5.0 million, is to port additional waveforms onto the
current BFT-2 transceiver to allow it to be used in austere operational
environments. The final objective requires the ability to quickly change
to different waveforms based on changing operational environments and
requirements. Upon Phase 2 and 3 execution, the total value for all
Phases is $6.5 million.

The contract vehicle utilized for this award is pursuant to an Other
Transaction Agreement (OTA) between C5 and the U.S. Army Contracting
Command-New Jersey. The OTA enables the U.S. Army to direct a
coordinated research and development program designed to develop
prototype command, control, communications and computer technologies
directly relevant to weapon systems information technologies.

“I am ecstatic that we have received the additional modification for
this highly strategic contract and am pleased that the U.S. Army
continues to recognize the value of Comtech’s services,” said Fred
Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech
Telecommunications Corp. “Comtech continues its commitment to providing
the U.S. Army and its soldiers with the highest level of support.”

BFT-2 is the second-generation U.S. Army system that provides
Situational Awareness (SA) and Command & Control (C2) messaging to U.S.
Military platforms, and to Coalition Forces designated by the U.S.
Combatant Commands. It uses GPS for Positioning, Navigation and network
timing, and commercial satellites (L-Band) to exchange both SA and C2
messages between the platforms.

C5 represents industry and academia brought together to enhance the U.S.
Government’s weapon systems and information technologies by leveraging
the national industrial and academic research and development bases to
advance and expand the nation’s military technological superiority in
the critical fields of Command, Control, Communications and Computer

مجموعة تقنيات القيادة والتحكم هي المزود الرائد ل
حلول C4ISR عالية التنقل ذات المهام الحرجة.

Comtech الاتصالات السلكية واللاسلكية كورب تصميم وتطوير وإنتاج وتسويق
منتجات وأنظمة وخدمات مبتكرة للاتصالات المتقدمة
محاليل. تبيع الشركة المنتجات لقاعدة عملاء متنوعة في
أسواق الاتصالات التجارية والحكومية العالمية.

تحتوي بعض المعلومات الواردة في هذا البيان الصحفي على بيانات
تطلعية بطبيعتها وتنطوي على بعض المخاطر الكبيرة و
الشكوك. يمكن أن تختلف النتائج الفعلية ماديا عن هذه
معلومات تطلعية. الأوراق المالية والبورصة التابعة للشركة
تحدد ملفات اللجنة العديد من هذه المخاطر والشكوك. أي
المعلومات التطلعية الواردة في هذا البيان الصحفي مؤهلة في
مجملة عن المخاطر والشكوك الموضحة في هذه الأوراق المالية و
إيداعات عمولة الصرف.

بي سي إم تي إل

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موظف مالي
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