HPA ControlProvides remote monitor and control functions for Xicom amplifiers. Operates over either serial (RS-232/485) or Ethernet interfacesAll Xicom Amplifiers designed since 2005.Download
UDP MonitorTracks all UDP-enabled Xicom units on the same subnet. Offers basic functionality such as, W/G switch control, Gain control, Transmit mode, Fault & Alarm status, and network configuration parameters.All Xicom products with an Ethernet interface.Download
w1for1Polls and controls a standard 1:1 redundant systemsLegacy Xicom amplifiers.Download
w1for2Polls and controls a standard 1:2 redundant systemsLegacy Xicom amplifiers.Download
wRemoteProvides a remote front panel to amps and single-amp outdoor controllers.Legacy Xicom amplifiers running Octagon M&Cs.Download
xDriveGeneric Xicom packet driver. Useful for sending specific commands or for debugging communications.All Xicom productsDownload
xProAn updated (better) replacement for Xdrive.All Xicom productsDownload