Improve Efficiency With Customized Training

Get the most out of your Guardian emergency call management solution with structured training customized to fit the specific needs of your solution support teams and call takers. We offer a variety of training options to meet every need. From basic training to more complex instruction, our training team will ensure your employees have all the knowledge they need to maximize the effectiveness of your Guardian 9-1-1 solution.

Fit the Training to the Employee

We offer a range of training options to help you and your team leverage all the features and benefits of our Guardian call management solutions. Customized training is available for:

  • Operator workstations: A half-day course that teaches call takers how to use all the features of the Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution.
  • System administration: A one-day course for system administrators that covers configuration of system settings for performance, security, profiles for users, and a variety of customization options.
  • System engineering and maintenance: A week-long, in-depth course that includes how to configure the system, as well as how to maintain and troubleshoot hardware and software components.
  • Train the trainer: Customized training sessions for personnel who will be training other employees on all the features and functions of your Guardian 9-1-1 solution.

Book a Training Session

All our training sessions and course material are adapted to focus on the requirements of your operation, so your employees can be more productive and efficient with their new Guardian emergency call management solution.

Get more information about customized training from our support team through our online support portal or call support.

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