Solution Design

Simplify the Migration to the Next Generation

Simplify your migration to a next-generation emergency call management solution with our engineering, design, and configuration services.

With Comtech, you get a purpose-built Guardian solution tailored for your unique requirements, rather than a preconfigured, off-the-shelf system adapted for all public safety answering points (PSAPs). Whether you are managing a two-position or a multi-position PSAP environment, we work with you to configure a full-featured solution that will meet your PSAP’s needs and the individual workflows of your call takers.

Start With a Proven Platform

Our customized Guardian call management solutions provide everything you need to manage any emergency call from any device, at any time, from anywhere, and in any format — voice, text, data, and video.

Every solution we deliver is built on a proven platform that is engineered and purpose-built to provide PSAPs with complete, multimedia call control. This integrated platform provides a simple, evolutionary path to next-generation emergency call management and enables future enhancements without replacing the underlying infrastructure.

Rely on Innovative Engineering

Our complete solution approach is built on more than 30 years of research and innovation in the application of advanced hardware and software technologies for public safety. To ensure you get the right options for your PSAP, our engineering team partners with you to customize a Guardian 9-1-1 solution to fit your unique specifications. This enables a smooth integration of new technologies and capabilities from day one and an easy migration and upgrade path for future enhancements as you need them.

Trust Experience and Expertise

All Guardian solutions are backed by an experienced, post-sales field support team that has successfully deployed emergency call management solutions worldwide — from standard two-position PSAPs to complex, statewide, and continent-wide 9-1-1 public safety networks.

After design and configuration, your Guardian call management solution is built and tested in our factory staging center. This ensures all hardware and software components meet operational requirements before they are installed, so you don’t have to interrupt workflows or disrupt work environments.

Maintain Interoperability

All Guardian 9-1-1 solutions are engineered to work with current and emerging standards and deliver full interoperability with standards-compliant equipment from other vendors. This protects past investments and simplifies future upgrade processes.

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