Premium Enterprise

Premium Enterprise customers have a common set of challenges related to satellite network infrastructure. High-end users of today demand and expect constant uptime, high availability and superior quality of service regardless of where they are located. Given the ever-increasing number and growing complexity of applications teamed with the insatiable demand for throughput in the inbound (from remote to hub) direction, end users are in constant need of more capacity to connect both employees and unmanned smart devices. Remote connectivity is essential for any organization to drive profitability and a highly reliable bridge must be constantly available to enable the exchange of mission critical data between sites for real-time collaboration and decision making. Just as important as high throughputs and solid link reliability is the requirement of a satellite networking platform to handle a demanding and diverse application mix. These types of users require an infrastructure solution that can adapt to rapidly changing connectivity demands, provide the required service levels and keep operating costs in check.

Our solutions facilitate the delivery of differentiated premium grade services, offering the highest possible Quality of Experience (QoE) to end users. Our infrastructure solutions provide an unparalleled combination of robust performance teamed with the highest throughput capabilities in a single platform. Our platforms have been purpose-built to support hundreds of individually optimized links dynamically at the highest throughputs in the industry. While these high throughputs are a must to provide carrier-grade services, just as important is the support of the underlying applications that ride these links to and from remote areas. We have designed our networking solutions to maximize application performance, introducing only the minimum latency and jitter necessary in the links, a key for any high end commercial or government user.

While bandwidth prices continue to fall and new High Throughput Satellite options become realities, one common requirement for any fixed network solution continues to be cost effectiveness. Our satellite networking solutions have been purpose-built to be the most cost effective on the market through a combination of the following:

  • Future-Proof Design with headroom for increased throughputs to enable growth
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation to share operating costs across the network
  • Maximum Resource Efficiency to maximize the utilization of space segment
  • Minimal On-Site Intervention through issue avoidance and remote throughput upgrades
  • Scalable Growth Paths to tie fixed capital costs to service revenues

Comtech’s UHP technology allows creating Private VSAT Networks of any size and topology with unlimited potential for future development. It could be a simple point-to-point SCPC connectivity between the Headquarter and a single branch that can be upgraded to multi-sites TDM/TDMA network dynamically sharing the same bandwidth. The UHP Satellite Routers can be also used in Hubless TDMA mode, when group of terminals share a TDMA channel to transmit and receive information. The Hubless TDMA mode of operation ensures Full Mesh with just one satellite jump, possibility to dedicate all the network bandwidth just to a single direction, when it is needed. Needless to say about high reliability of Hubless TDMA networks having no central station, i.e. a single point of failure. Stoppage or failure on any station does not affect the function of the network.

The UHP Satellite routers of different hardware modifications are compatible to each other and can be installed in the premises, built into customers’ equipment or deployed outside as full-outdoor system. UHP the software defined functionality allowing to change its mode of operation just by software activation and without hardware replacement or even without visit to the site. The same network may consist of fixed, transportable (fast-deployable) and mobile terminals.