Managed Security Service Providers

Many companies feel “outgunned” by cybercriminals due to increasingly prevalent security breaches that are reported in the news daily, and the seemingly endless stream of new threats and vulnerabilities discovered each day. To mitigate those threats, many companies employ a managed security service provider (MSSP), which typically operates as a team of analysts who specialize in several Cybersecurity disciplines. Our solutions include:

SECURITY OPERATING CENTER We provide companies of all sizes with extensive Cybersecurity solutions, through a fully-hosted, cost-effective service. Our SOC (Security Operation Center) enables our clients to benefit from unparalleled threat monitoring and security management.

SIEM AS A SERVICE Our SOC uses AlienVault since it is the best SIEM solution that exists in today’s market. The SIEM collects, processes, and monitors logs from various security solutions and information systems & and transforms these logs into intelligible information that can reveal network anomalies and suspicious cyber events. A report about the suspicious activity is sent to the customer for further investigation and remediation.

VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT During a vulnerability assessment, our team will identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your systems, applications and network infrastructure. Our goal is to provide your organization with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk assessment background to handle the threats you may be facing, and react appropriately.

THREAT INTELLIGENCE Threat Intelligence means collecting and using threat-related knowledge to prevent or mitigate cyberattacks. Data collection is the key to making informed decisions about your security requirements. Our team of skilled Threat Intelligence analysts will work with your company’s raw data, and launch a six-step cycle of data collection, processing, and analysis to help you formulate the best possible incident response plan.