We understand that the quality of our customers’ mobility systems is critical to their success whether in the maritime, aeronautical, or other mobile environments. Our connectivity solutions pioneered high performance in the mobility markets and continues to anchor the world’s most demanding mobility networks – providing superior performance and reliability in the most challenging environments.

Organizations across the globe are currently leveraging Comtech to build a digital infrastructure second to none, achieving unmatched efficiency to directly improve the bottom line. We offer the most robust and highest performing point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions that feature throughput and flexibility for a variety of mobility environments, including:

  • Energy on land and offshore, Upstream to Downstream
  • Maritime from cargo to cruise
  • Rail transport
  • Land mobility, such as Satellite News Gathering
  • Airborne applications, such as Drones

Our solutions perform in the most demanding mobility environments. UHP routers are compatible with different mobile antennas and can be used for Communications On The Move (COTM). The router uses OpenAMIP protocol to communicate with a mobile antenna controller to retrieve an actual geographic location and command antenna pointing, activate the transmission, etc.

“The global maritime satellite communication market size is expected to grow from USD 2.3 billion in 2020 to USD 3.2 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.1% during the forecast period. Escalating the need for enriched data communication to improve operation efficiency, on-board security, and surveillance, and employee/passenger welfare in the maritime industry is driving the market. Furthermore, the major factor driving the maritime satellite communication market is the need to attain improved connectivity between the land and sea operations and realizing benefits in faster repair time, preventative maintenance, fuel-saving and real-time navigation.”

Communications at sea is a necessity and a critical component of safety, commerce and leisure. Satellite is the best solution for 24/7 off-shore or in-harbor connectivity. The push to higher data rates while maintaining a compact antenna footprint demands higher linear power amplifiers in smaller and lighter packages. The high BUC efficiencies from GaN devices facilitate maximum power with minimum weight and cooling.

Ku-Band and Ka-Band GaN SSPAs and BUCs

Xicom is the leader in compact GaN based solutions for maritime applications. We offer amplifiers and BUCs at both Ku and Ka-band with extremely high linear power in small, lightweight packages.

AC- and DC-Powered BUCs Available

Xicom’s Bobcat line of DC-powered BUCs is ideal for maritime applications. These GaN-based HPAs offer 16W of linear power at Ka-band and 32W of linear power at Ku-band each in a package weighing under 5 pounds. Higher power models are also available in compact packages. Xicom’s Bobcat product line is designed to offer market leading SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) performance, which is critical for maritime applications.

For more throughput, Xicom’s Puma AC-powered BUCs ​ offer linear powers of up to 200W at Ku-band and 60W ​ at Ka-band.

For very high data rates, Xicom’s TWTA product line have​ been a key element of cruise ship connectivity.​

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