Internet of Things

Complete Support for large IoT/ M2M or SCADA Networks

Comtech plays a major role in supporting very large IoT/M2M and SCADA distributed networks. Our Satellite Networks play a critical function in connectivity for remote sensing in difficult to reach areas, for oil and gas pipelines, SmartGrids, and environmental monitoring.

Comtech UHP technology has the powerful ability to deploy, in a very bandwidth efficient way, VSAT Networks that can reach up to 500,000 remotes. A key feature of these VSAT remote terminals is their capability to handle low data rates, as typical in IoT or SCADA Networks.

The ability to have multiple VSAT Hubs interconnected, and have full mesh capability, allow these IoT / M2M and SCADA networks to have inherent built-in redundancy and very high reliability.

Comtech UHP VSAT satellite services provide reliable connectivity with a high level of security everywhere. These networks have the advantage of being fully independent from terrestrial networks and additionally, and are protected via Comtech UHP secure, encrypted IoT/SCADA technology.