Comtech designs, integrates, and deploys customized multi-technology products and solutions for complex networks. We are a proven provider of secure, turnkey communications systems for mission critical applications including heavy industry and manufacturing which require electronic components that are rugged, durable and no-maintenance.

We deliver state of the art products, systems and customized communications solutions for oil and gas, mining, civil infrastructure and telecom customers worldwide using a variety of technologies, including SATCOM, Troposcatter or Over-the-Horizon (OTH), microwave, and HF/VHF/UHF providing increasing value for enterprise applications with low OPEX, high data rate communications solution.

Whether connecting an oil platform to shore side office, providing backhaul or backup infrastructure for mining operations, pipelines or a telecom network. or simply providing communications that require long distance links with strict latency tolerances, especially in cases where multiple service areas are separated by difficult terrain, Comtech accurately addresses industry requirements.

Furthermore, Comtech SSDs are designed to support the rugged operational environments like gas and mining operations which impose extreme requirements on components. Reliable, rugged components capable of withstanding extreme heat and cold, operate in fine dust, and high humidity are crucial. Turn to Comtech’s rugged SSDs for data and video storage requirement solutions.