CyberStronger Academy

Unlike traditional knowledge-based training, Comtech’s CyberStronger Academy delivers Hands-on, Performance-Based Education Tied to Clearly-Defined and Accurate Performance Outcomes


WHY CyberStronger Academy?
Hands-on, Performance-Based Education Tied to Clearly-Defined and Accurate Performance Outcomes

  • CyberStronger has defined student expectations and assessment criteria to auto-grade performance.   We match specific job role competencies to knowledge areas, achieving maximum understanding and retention of the material.

Education Developed from the Job Outward

  • We continually analyze industry job role competencies to precisely identify course exercises and materials needed to deliver students the most necessary and critical information.

Practice and Immediate Feedback Provided

  • Comtech’s CyberStronger immerses students in real-world exercises as a means of learning and knowledge demonstration with these exercises designed to provide immediate feedback to students and instructors.

Tasks Replicated through Real-World Scenarios

  • We design exercises to mirror real-world job role competencies in a classroom environment, with instructors using course materials that demonstrate and represent major situations students are likely to encounter

Focus on Essentials

  • The Comtech CyberStronger curriculum strips non-essential information from course work and materials to focus solely on efficient, performance-based training. Beyond developing a general knowledge of the material, our curriculum aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in today’s cyber security workforce.

Required Student Demonstration of Competencies and Tasks

  • Students are required to meet all performance requirements before leaving training. Any deviation from a 100% success rate indicates that a student will not be fully competent in job performance. We quantify job role competencies in the classroom and actively follow-up on any deficiencies to ensure student success.