Solacom Messenger

Get complete inbound and outbound text capabilities with Solacom Messenger. 

Solacom Messenger

Integrate Text-to-911 and Text-from-911

Solacom Messenger is a full-featured short message service (SMS) function that seamlessly integrates with the Solacom 9-1-1 Call Handling. Once configured, this function enables standards-based text-to-911 call management and control.

Solacom Messenger goes beyond standards requirements by offering outbound text-from-911 capabilities

Streamline Text-to-911 Handling

At the desktop, text-based calls are handled like regular voice calls. 

Call takers have the option to manage the call with all the same features and functions associated with voice calls, including transfer and join capabilities.

Connect with the market’s leading experts in Emergency Messaging.