Amplifier Modules

Comtech designs RF Amplifier systems using our modules as building blocks. These systems are available from 1MHz to 18GHz and up to multi-kilowatts output power level.

Comtech offers both standard and custom modules for all applications and requirements.

Amplifier Modules


  • Wide Frequency Bands
  • GaN Technology
  • High Efficiency
  • Build-In Detectors
  • Conduction Cooled
  • Internal DC Supplies


  • Sample Parts
  • Interface and Control
  • Connectors
  • Airborne and Ground Platforms
  • Military Temperature Range­
ModelFrequency (MDZ)Power (W)Data Sheet
BME2719-15020-1000150Download brochure
BME1829-10100-200010Download brochure
BME1829-50100-200050Download brochure
BME58278-100500-2700100Download brochure
BME88258-250800-2500250Download brochure
BME19258-2501000-2500250Download brochure
BME1929-3001000-2000300Download brochure
BME2969-752000-600075Download brochure
BME2969-1002000-6000100Download brochure
BME2969-2002000-6000200Download brochure
BME2969-3002000-6000300Download brochure
BME2969-50DL2500-600050Download brochure
BME25869-502500-600050Download brochure
BME79119-1707000-11000170Download brochure
BME49189-504000-1800050Download brochure
BME69189-1006000-18000100Download brochure
BMPC318358-9003100-3500900Download brochure
BMPC318358-10003100-35001000Download brochure
BMCAP99109-15009000-100001500Download brochure
BPMC928109-10009200-100001000Download brochure

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