Airborne/In-Flight & Traffic Control

NETPERFORMER – Your Gateway to Bandwidth Efficient ATC VSAT Services

Create digitally integrated specialized ATM-grade networks, or military command centers.
Deployed around the world by multiple civil aviation authorities, Comtech’s NetPerformer efficiently grooms various ATC voice and data traffic streams to optimize bandwidth capacity and minimize satellite costs without compromising performance. NetPerformer can also be implemented as a backup solution for leased line or microwave networks.

Developed using packet-switched PowerCell statistical multiplexing technology, NetPerformer makes better use of SATCOM links without sacrificing quality of service. PowerCell uses shared bandwidth all ATC applications to converge onto a single, lower bandwidth circuit, rather than distinct and expensive TDM circuits for each application. NetPerformer also supports emerging IP-based ATC voice and data services and offers wide range of redundancy options to guarantee service availability and reliability

The NetPerformer Satellite Routers combine the functionality of a data router, a multiplexer and a voice gateway in a single device, enabling users to create converged networks and transport any type of traffic over satellite or terrestrial links.

Designed to provide maximum network performance and reliability in low-bandwidth environments, the NetPerformer reduces network infrastructure costs and simplifies WAN connectivity for mission-critical applications. The NetPerformer’s voice and data compression technology, prioritization and multiplexing capabilities and the ability to route all traffic over a highly efficient cell-relay based protocol, make it the product of choice for converged voice and data applications over satellite.​

Airborne/In-Flight Connectivity (IFC)

High data rate in-flight satcom terminals require compact, lightweight, efficient and robust amplifiers in order to meet user needs.

Comtech HPAs are deployed around the globe for in-flight communications Comtech has developed and DO-160 certified both SSPAs and Block Upconverters (BUCs) for in-cabin ARINC-type and tail mount hermetic configurations. The very high efficiency technology and advanced packaging techniques used enabled industry-leading power density products that meet the tough environments of airborne applications.