A wholly-owned subsidiary of Comtech the PST division was established in 1987 for the express purpose of designing and manufacturing High Power RF Amplifiers. Our engineering talent has participated in the major growth of this technology. This background in solid state amplifier design and development has provided CPST with experience in such diverse fields as Electronic Warfare, Electronic Attack systems, RADAR systems, TWT replacement, high power testing, satellite tracking systems, communication, EM/EMC testing, radio transmitters, boosters, and general laboratory testing. Our fully staffed engineering support group is always available to provide expert assistance for any of your special needs relating to design and application issues.


Comtech PST Corp. originally received ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification in 1997. Currently we have ISO 9001:2015 certification. Since July 2007, CPST Melville has retained AS9100:2016 certification. We are proud of this achievement and take seriously the responsibility for maintaining this strict quality standard. At Comtech PST Corp., we see it as a logical extension of our ongoing commitment to quality. CPST has always had well-established, written practices and procedures assuring complete product integrity throughout all stages of design, manufacture, test and inspection. ISO 9001 quality system certification of Comtech PST further assures you of consistent and reliable products. The ISO 9001 certification emphasizes the company’s commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality solid state power amplifiers.


Comtech PST Corp. is, above all, committed to our customer’s satisfaction. This responsibility is woven into the corporate fabric with our technical expertise, defined quality standards, and production of versatile and highly reliable solid state amplifiers. Comtech PST’s commitment does not stop at delivery. We have a dedicated customer service staff to continually support all of our products. They are here to satisfy the needs of our customers. This includes performing warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, providing spare parts information, answering equipment installation and operation questions, and providing technical documentation and training as required. With the resources and corporate backing of Comtech Telecommunications, you can rest assured that any products you purchase from Comtech PST will be supported for years to come.