RAN/WAN Optimization

FX Series WAN Optimization

To mitigate the adverse effect of satellite latency on web browsing, a Protocol Enhancement Proxy server needs to be put in line at both ends of the satellite link to process the user traffic. That is the role of our WAN Optimization solution, which uses a combination of techniques to deliver both lightning fast file transfer and a true broadband web browsing / Internet access user experience.

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NetPerformer Satellite Routers

The NetPerformer Satellite Routers combine the functionality of a data router, a multiplexer and a voice gateway in a single device, enabling users to create converged networks and transport any type of traffic over satellite or terrestrial links.

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Durostream AHA723 & AHA725

Provides a resilient, full-duplex, point-to-point survivable tunnel that dynamically adapts to network conditions to maximize throughput as well as minimize packet loss and latency. Forward Error Correction technology along with header compression is employed to ensure that protocol overhead and latency due to retransmissions are minimized while retaining the ability to overcome sustained packet loss rates. Adding Durostream appliances to the data source and destination provides significant cost savings by allowing mission-critical links to use existing lossy network infrastructure.

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WAN Optimization (WANOp) | Delivering Fast Broadband QoE, Not Just High-Speed Connectivity
Optimize, compress, bond, balance and prioritize high IP traffic

When it comes to Internet access over satellite, high-speed connectivity does not necessarily equate to a fast-broadband user experience (as what end-users expect when connected onto 4G or 5G, wireless or wireline terrestrial networks). To users, a crisp web browsing experience, responsive user interaction together with rapid content display speeds are paramount for delivering a good QoE (Quality of Experience).

Due to the nature of the protocol used for delivering Internet content (i.e. TCP), satellite latency and transmission impairments (packet drops), can negatively impact a user experience regardless of bandwidth capacity. Furthermore, the problem is worsened today through feature rich web pages media content, and inflated file transfer resulting from HD pictures / videos exchanges on social medias together with HD movie streaming. Without optimization, display of these content presents a slow and non-responsive user experience over satellite.

Comtech’s FX Series WAN Optimization (WANOp) performs traffic optimization, traffic bonding on several transponders or satellites and dynamic load balancing based on client user IP flows. This ensures that packets belonging to the same flow will always follow the same path. Such implementation avoids the issue of packet re-ordering and enables operation with parallel paths of different speeds and latencies at very high throughput rate (up to 5 Gbs).

In addition, the hardware can also include PEP (Performance Enhancement Proxy) function.